Need Toilet Paper? Pelosi’s Proposed Coronavirus Bill Full of Crap

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Nancy Pelosi is proposing a new Coronavirus Relief Bill for the American people that includes a lot of extra, costly, and very unrelated items. Just when is the Senate and Congress going to be held accountable for wasting time and money yet again. Honestly, this bill implemets much of Bernie Sanders’ ideas, and some Green New Deal ideas as well.

How is this even LEGAL? I don’t get it.

Let’s discuss some of those non-related items right now, shall we?

  • The return of the “Obamaphone” – $1 BILLION to expand the plan further and resurrect
  • Eliminate the U.S. Postal Service’s debt
  • Same-Day Voter Registration REQUIRED
  • Pay off $10K in student loans per person
  • Mandate airlines reduce carbon emissions by 50% by the year 2050
  • Force federal agencies to explain to Congress how they are inscreasing their usage of “minority banks.”
  • Automatically extends work Visas
  • Prohibits colleges from providing information about immigration status
  • Allocates $35 million to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • College Bail outs for money lost during this time


The Obamaphone program was wrought with fraud, with an estimated 36% of the phone users were not even qualified. 6,400 phones were registered to dead people, and more than 5,500 were issued more than one phone.

Private bank account transfers in excess of 9 BILLION dollars accompanied the “Project Lifeline” Obamaphone program, and cell phone companies cashed monthly phone vouchers at will with absolutely no validation that phones were actually being used or handed out.


The elimination of the U.S. Postal Service’s debt is on them. They make bad deals, bad choices. China ships for free in the U.S. while Americans foot the bill.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said that the current system meant the US Postal Service was effectively spending US$300 million to US$500 million to subsidise the cost of delivering imports, including goods mailed to the US from China

Voter Registration

Same-day voter registration required. Can you say VOTER FRAUD? Guess the Motor-Voter ID law in California is working well for them, they want to pretty much introduce it to the rest of the US. The bill also includes a provision for unlimited ballot harvesting.

Student Loan Debt

She wants to pay off 10K per person for student loan debts. What about the rest of America with no student loan debt? You gonna cut them all a check for 10K? Of course not… Not to mention, there’s already provisions in place to put interest for Federal student Loans on hold for 60 full days, with plans to reevaluate the plan if necessary. Interest on private loans is still expected to be paid. No need to cancel the debt. Pay what you owe!

Ilhan Omar wants to pay more than 30K of student debt off.

From Forbes:

2. “I can stop paying my federal student loans for 60 days.”


If you want to know how to suspend payment of your federal student loans for 60 days without any penalty, you can contact your federal student loan servicer to request an administrative forbearance. Similar to the interest waiver, this only applies to federal student loans (not private student loans) held by a federal government agency. If you’re not sure if your student loans qualify, contact your student loan servicer to confirm.

Green New Deal

At the rate they’re getting things done in DC, I don’t think many Americans will be able to even afford a plane trip anytime in the near future, which brings us to the mandated “every airline must reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by the year 2050.”

And this has to do with people dying from the Coronavirus how?

How exactly will this help put food on peoples’ tables, or roofs over their heads?

Work Visas & College Bailouts

Way too much money earmarked for colleges to “help them in their time of need.”

Teachers recieve pay regardless, unless they’re substitutes so I guess they’ll need to file for unemployment. I don’t see why colleges need anything. They’re not refunding current students for not receiving their education in the traditional manner. Film students for example, kind of need the equipment available to them. I’m sure English students could get by online.

Caring about the colleges and not the students? Who would have guessed it..

Well, here’s another one: the Work Visa automatic renewal: as Americans lose their jobs, they want to automatically renew the Work Visas for some 500,000 foreigners. Most of these jobs are in college-graduate territory, in the tech field. So yeah, there they go again: Foreigners over American college students. They could really use those jobs right now.

Again the Democrats are showing their colors. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the American people. People are sick. They are scared, and some are dying. And here you have it. The bill that’s supposed to save America…

Oh not to mention that for an entire month while the impeachment SHAM was going on, we had this virus to deal with. CONGRESS DID NOTHING to help, but was a thorn in the ass of our President the entire time. Absolutely disgraceful!

Laws need to be made against just this. If a bill is for one thing, it should be about one thing, not 75 other things that have absolutely nothing to do with the ONE THING!

Feel free to call Nancy Pelosi and tell her what you think about all this:

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(202) 225-0100

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Contact House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Messenger

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