3/12/2019 Morning report the left attack Judge Jeanine and Tucker, Rep Omar calls Trump subhuman

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📍Judge Jeanine and Tucker attacked by Media Matters

📍Democrats #metoo backlash

📍Sarah Sanders destroys Jim Acosta

📍border crisis

Another Media matters hit job. Judge Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson are both under fire for controversial statements. Carlson appeared on shock jock Bubba the love sponge from 2006 to 2011. Pirro is drawing criticism for mentioning Rep Ilahn Omar’s hijab on her show opening Saturday night.

Media matters is coming after two of the most prolific conservative hosts on Fox News. They want to silence tucker and the Judge because they know they speak the truth.

Statements from Fox news, Tucker and Judge Jeanine

Democrats #metoo backlash as Kirsten Gillibrand has aid resign in protest over sexual harassment case

Hypocrite Kirsten Gillbrand is in hot water after her office mishandled sexual harassment complaints. She was one of the most outspoken critics of Judge Kavanaugh. Believing Dr fords phony story with absolutely no proof.

Sarah Sanders lays the smack down on Fake news Jim acosta

Sarah Sanders once again ripped fake news Jim Acosta on the journalism double standards CNN has. Democrats should call out their racism by name.

We have a crisis on the border folks

Democrats will still not act on the growing crisis on the southern border. What will it take?

The Five react to CNN 250 million dollar lawsuit.

Fake news CNN is being sued for 250 million dollars. what is their future?

Environmentalists Rips the Green New Deal

The day in tweets

Judge Jeanine and Tucker Carlson responses

Rep Omar calls Trump not human

Border Crisis continues

Keep an eye out

Humpty Dumpty blasts Carlson and Jeanine

Media is furious Manafort only got 47 months

Lindsey Graham hanging with Netanyahu

AOC continues to be a moron

DeBlasio likes R Kelly music

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