3/22/2019 MAGA Morning Report; executive order on free speech signed

img 20190311 201240 1 Welcome to today's Morning Report
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Welcome to today’s Morning Report

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Free speech executive order is signed

Trump administration stands with Venezuela after chief of staffs kidnapping

Do not give up your guns New Zealand

Hannity rips Jim Comey

Kellyanne tells her husband to shut up

This is what Fake news sounds like

Trump discusses social media banning

Eric on if Omar will apologize

Tweets of the day

Creepy Joe in bed with China


Can Beto win Texas against Trump?

Crooked Hilary attacking our great border officers

More great work by SolMemes

ISIS has been defeated

Even Liberals know Biden is creepy…

Malik calls his sister in law Michelle, Michael. Again.

Another day in Trump’s America

Doesn’t fit Wiki’s fake news narrative…

More leaking

Hijacked bus with 50 kids

Media calls Trump Islamophobic

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Welcome to today's Morning Report

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1 thought on “3/22/2019 MAGA Morning Report; executive order on free speech signed

  1. This would be censored :
    The episode of the Simpsons when Bart burns down the Christmas tree and all the presents are ca-put . Kent Brockman TV anchor says ” and no sausage for little Homer because it is not Halal “

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