9/11 Memorial for First Responders Vandalized

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Local police are still searching for the criminal that vandalised the memorial for 9/11 first responders in Geneva, NY.

It brings it all back to us when more attention is played onto it by people doing damaging things, saying damaging things, it makes it a lot harder.

Sometimes it might not be about their feelings but what they don’t take into consideration is what about the people that the monument means

– Andrew Stromfeld, worked at Ground Zero in 2001

The police said that they received a report of this act on Tuesday, August 27th. When they appeared at the scene, they noted white spray paint on the monument. The words “God Bless America” barely visible.

Sad to think of at this time and space, where everyone is so super-sensitive to other peoples’ feelings, that something like this would occur. There was no safe space for the people in the 9/11 buildings. Society would do good to remember this.

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