A Flawed Man

flawed Jussie is not a hero.

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Jussie is not a hero.

He is not a civil rights icon as some would suggest. He is far from that. He isn’t even a good actor, because many objective minded people saw straight through his latest role of victimhood. The entire dark comedy that Jussie created was so riddled with holes that a freight train could have driven through it.

Unfortunately, there are those who wanted and needed this story of a hate crime to be true. Many people on the left, politicians and even journalists were hoping his story was true. They needed one more thing or anything to be able to blame President Trump and his supporters for everything that is wrong in society, as they see it.

The hate these people give in this country is unimaginable. Day in and day out they are consumed with hate for the president and his supporters. They can’t be objective about anything. The economy is great, unemployment is down, no wars in sight, China is importing American rice and with a trade deal in the works. People overall feel good about the direction the country is headed. But for the left, this can’t be true. Trump can’t be doing all of this. He is a bad man and a racist. He can’t like black, brown or LGBTQ people.

Trump is bad because he won the presidency and their candidate didn’t. Anything that goes wrong in society is directly related to Trump being president. Never mind these ills predates this president, or it is they, like Jussie, creating the ills (i.e. Antifa). Since Trump was elected president there has been over a dozen false accusations of hate crimes made against Trump supporters. After investigations were conducted, the perpetrators turned out to be individuals on the left. As it is in Jussie’s case with his fake hate crime.

Hate crimes are real and do exist, but Jussie was not a victim of a hate crime. The American public, however, was because he perpetrated a great lie and blamed supporters of this president of committing that act. Where is the apology from Jussie or the MSM, celebrities politicians who jumped on his bandwagon and attacked Trump supporters? I guess they are working on that apology right along with the apology for the Covington Catholic Boys, who were falsely accused of being racist early this year.

So while the liberal MSM are have been trying to explain away Jussie’s sins and say that he is a victim of today’s political environment, I reject that notion. Jussie is the culprit of his own selfish doing. He thought more of himself than what he really is. According to published reports in Chicago, he was unhappy with this current salary and wanted more money. Through his ill-conceived plot, he appealed to the most visceral fears of minorities: a hate crime and a noose, to boot, all the while hoping this stunt would garner him sympathy, fame and yes more money. Fortunately, thanks to the old fashion detective work of the Chicago Police Department his plan was foiled.

Jussie is not a hero. He is just a flawed man. A flawed liberal like all other liberals who give so much hate that they are willing to tear this country apart.

“and we are not saved…”


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