A Special Kind of Stupid

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Last night 2020 democrat nominee Julian Castro spoke at a CNN town hall hosted by Don Lemon. This Texas Democrat appears to be as far left as Alexandria Cortez.

During his town hall he said:

  • He thinks the Green New Deal is a great idea
  • Our border is secure
  • We are not compassionate at the border. We need more compassion.
  • We should be begging for more immigrants, despite 100,000 crossings in the last month
  • Border security has all the tools needed already
  • Trump is a divider

Where do the Dems find these people? Unreal

Some clips of his idiotic statements

The democrats in 2020 truly are a special kind of stupid

  • Bernie 42 Trillion Dollar Medicare for all
  • Kamala Harris wants reparations for blacks
  • Beto O’Rourke wants to tear down the wall we already have
  • Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker endorsed the Green New Deal
  • Joe Biden is a creep

Absolute pathetic crop of candidates without any upside whatsoever.

We cannot take this President for granted! The field of 2020 Dems are awful and this country can not let them win.

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, A Special Kind of Stupid, magAMedia, magAMedia

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