@Robjh1 is a seasoned political online commentator with over 20 years of experience in banking and journalism. Prior to entering the financial sector, he worked as a journalist for a major daily newspaper.  His political commentary and social articles have been featured on CNN, CNN Ireport, The HuffingtonPost (The Tribune, PRNews and eFinancialCareers.

He is a social media writer, poet and an avid vlogger/blogger and creator of the political blog, “Smell The Political Coffee” at

Currently, he serves as president and founder of the Multicultural Conservative Foundation, whose mission is to educate and bring awareness to conservative principles through social media. He is an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church Ministries.

He is also the author of the self-help book, ”That Job Just Isn’t Into You: Starting Over When It’s Over,” a self-help guide too surviving and reinventing one’s self in corporate America or any job setting.


@Klein2Eric is a Conservative outdoors-man whose turned to Twitter to protect his values and way of life. He creates MAGA Minute and Tales from the Road Videos!


@daamom was a conservative before it was cool. A small business owner and co-founder of a Tea Party group in flyover country in 2009, she is a Trump-supporting, Libertarian-leaning, dog-loving, coffee-drinking, gun-toting, bible-clinging gal. She writes opinion pieces.



Dean is a businessman, conservative activist, and ex-Congressional Candidate in Nevada. He specializes in investigative opinion pieces.



About Me: I’m just a young Westerner trying to raise my family and educate others. I was raised to respect my elders, learn history, and honor those who gave it all for this great nation, the United States of America. After 9/11/2001 I joined the military and learned a lot about sacrifice, dedication, honor, respect, integrity, and true leadership. My greatest learning experience and accomplishment was training with the United States Marines at Quantico (OCS 197) and I will forever remember my brothers and sisters in arms.


@DavedaGruber I adore journalism. Politics seems to be my preferred genre although I do not hesitate to write anything that strikes me as interesting. Researching and finding ‘Breaking News’ makes my blood rush. I’ve authored twenty books and over that including books in conglomeration with others.  Doing graphic art design has always been fun for me. I like to incorporate this talent into my articles or when a special ‘feature picture’ is required. I am a video producer with a YouTube Channel.

You can always find my articles on the sites I write for:


Caleb Lawson is a wedding photographer, cross-fitter and columnist for magAMedia. He loves God, supports The 2nd Amendment and is 100% PRO-life. As a proud AMERICAN, he has fully supported President Trump from the early beginnings of his campaign. Caleb is very involved in politics and one of his goals as a political commentator is to help educate the next generation by promoting them to think for themselves through civil conversations. You can Follow him on Twitter here: @realCalebLawson

Gene Brown served as an Infantryman in the US Army and is an OEF veteran. After service he received a BA in Public Relations at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, his hometown. He is the Owner of and focuses on promoting the ideas behind American Conservatism. Follow him on Twitter: @GeneBrownUSA


@smalltownandrew is a conservative Trump supporter and contributing author of opinion pieces and YUGE Tweets. He is co-founder of Andrew’s number 1 goal co founding the site was getting President Donald Trump reelected in 2020 to continue to MAGA. Andrew also is a big sports fan with his favorite teams being the Stl. Cardinals, the Chicago Bulls and Illinois basketball. Andrew has been an avid Trump supporter since day one.


@LazyMeatball focuses on Opinion Editorials and videos. She is founder, editor and webmaster of She created to help spread the word of MAGA, combat FAKE NEWS, and help Trump get re-elected in 2020. She believes in the American Dream, and hopes magAMedia will one day be a force to be reckoned with. She’s fond of coffee and chocolate.

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