Abuse of Power: The Dem Circus Antics Tactics

, Abuse of Power: The Dem Circus Antics Tactics, magAMedia, magAMedia
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After watching the recent hearings with William Barr and AG Whitaker, it is clear how power hungry the left is.

Both Senators and members of Congress spout moral outrage and virtue signal about everything from children being separated from their parents to protecting the phony Russian investigation.

These usually insignificant politicians use these hearings to garner attention for themselves. They don’t care how much sense they make in the process.

The most obvious and worst example of this political grandstanding is when Judge Kavanaugh had his confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court. We all remember the ridiculous train wreck of a show that was.

From paid protestors to phony allegations at the last minute: Spartacus Booker was born. Diane Feinstein’s office carelessly leaked the Ford letter right in the middle of the hearings. The entire thing was an utter disaster and a complete embarassment to the United States Senate confirmation process.

How far will we let this public partisanship and political grandstanding before we overhaul how the comittees are run?

I for one am tired of seeing people like Judge Kavanaugh and William Barr smeared and shamed with lies and false accusations for the sake of a senator getting themselves some shine.

The democrats: every single time one of these guys come up to speak, they prove they are partisan hacks. Willing to do or say absolutely anything for attention, no matter who it affects. They need to start being held accountable for the accusations they invent.


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, Abuse of Power: The Dem Circus Antics Tactics, magAMedia, magAMedia

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