All Boarded Up: Are We Better Than This?

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George Floyd was killed Monday, May 25, 2020, at the hands of a rogue police officer.  Following his death many people from different backgrounds, race, religion, ethnic groups and creed took to the streets to protest against police brutality and injustice against Floyd and black people.

Unfortunately, what started as peaceful protesting became lawlessness.  Rioting, looting and shooting ruled the nights in many Democrat controlled cities.  Radicals like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter took over the protest and turned them into terroristic platforms.

Burning down black owned businesses and looting stores that supported those communities their’s was a reign of terror. Wrecking havoc and fear in the hearts of many in those neighborhoods. They didn’t stop there.  For a total of 4 nights (and counting) these domestic terrorist spread their fear and violence around the country.  Some police officers were injured trying to keep the peace and two black law enforcement officers loss their lives.

Not satisfied with this destruction and havoc, the gang of thugs moved to what they perceived as “white privileged”  areas looting stores such as Target, Sachs, GNC, Cartier, Guess and Versace, and many others. Their hateful actions knew no bounds and creeped all around cities in the dark.   Scared and afraid business were forced to border up store fronts to protect them from the looters.

Meanwhile the president of the United States pleaded with the local governments to call in the National Guards to protect law biding citizens and business, he was rebuffed.


Many in the liberal media even chided the president and said the protest weren’t violent. One television anchor even asked the question when and where was it said protest had to be peaceful.

Without the rule of law a society is nothing. With all this violence taking place, there are some who are pushing the defunding of the police. And replace them with what?  When a crime is committed you don’t call the drug dealer or rioters. You call 911 for the police. By defunding the police the people most at risk are black and brown people.  The very people we want justice for.

We have to be better then this. We are better than this. We can be better than this. We as a nation and people must rise against the current emotional partisanship and make America Great Again. We the people.






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