America’s 1st Transgender Sports Illustrated Model is on the Cover of this month’s issue

America's 1st Transgender Sports Illustrated Model, America’s 1st Transgender Sports Illustrated Model is on the Cover of this month’s issue, magAMedia

NORTH AMERICA usage for the promotion of the 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue only, ending August 21, 2020. Credit: Josie Clough/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Caption must include the words "on sale now". Mandatory link back to with all use. Watermark must be shown in its entirety and visible at all times (Including social media use) ALL INTERNATIONAL VIDEO AND PHOTO USE MUST COME THROUGH SI CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Swimsuit 2020: Scrub Island Valentina Sampaio Scrub Island Resort/Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands 1/8/2020 X163152 TK1 Credit: Josie Clough Swimsuit by HAUS OF PINK LEMONAID

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America’s 1st Transgender Sports Illustrated Model : The newest Sports Illustrated model is a transgender that calls themself Valentina Sampaio. They say they hope to “shine a light on the issues LGBTQIA people are facing in her nation.”

Issue one is What’s with the new “I” and “A” in LGBTQIA?! What do those even stand for? I don’t care to look it up, feel free. You’re on your own. I can’t keep up. They just keep on coming with the additional oddities, and probably won’t be happy until they’ve covered all the letters of the alphabet.

Second issue of course, would be the number of dudes that want to look at a sexy girl in a swimsuit, only to find out it’s a dude.

Mixed reactions from the Twitter crowd, some saying gross, others saying progress. I say it’s just another dude taking away from traditional women’s roles. Think hairstylists, makeup artists, chefs, even tupperware saleswomen, and now of course, sports in general. Women are taking the backseat to men in all areas, and the idiots on the left call it progress.

Let’s not forget the whole transgender sports thing. A Biological Male who Set Female NCAA Records in Track and Field Last Year Says Being Transgender Was “No Advantage”

And who could forget that Illinois Medicaid now pays for your sex change operation…

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