Amy Klobuchar Confession : Hydroxychloroquine Saved her Husband’s Life

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Hydroxychloroquine Contraversy

Amidst attacks by the Lame Stream media on Trump, Giuliani and pretty much anyone with a differing opinion, Amy Klobuchar admits Hydroxychloroquine saved her husband’s life.

Trump admitted he takes a regimine of Zinc and Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure. Prescribed to him by the White House physician, President Trump stands by his thoughts on the now-contraversial drug.

America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani fought media backlash when he said simply the decision on what drugs people should be taking should be between the patient and the doctor.

And in recent news, State Rep. Karen Whitsett is facing a censure for simply admitting she took Hydroxychloroquine, believes it saved her life, and thanked Donald Trump.

Giuliani stated “Doctors should decide if we use hydroxychloroquine NOT the national bureaucracy.” He also stated that “Dr. Oz defends efficacious use of hydroxychloroquin early. Says side effects are nil.”

Cuomo Made some Poor Decisions

While Cuomo banned the drug as unsafe and unproven, all-the-while literally forcing nursing homes to take in sick patients, Giuliani himself admits taking it in the past as well.

Amy Klobuchar Admits Hydroxychloroquine Saved her Husband’s life

Video : Amy talking about Hydroxychloroquine

Of course, the media is silent on this. Such a vast contrast between this reaction and the one we saw with Anderson Cooper and Nancy Pelosi

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