Anatomy of Spying

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No matter what you call it in the end it’s still spying. It should have never happened then and shouldn’t happen again.

spy No matter what you call it in the end it's still spying. It should have never happened then and shouldn't happen again.
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Getting to the truth can be a long journey that exposes things some would not want to be exposed. Often times the journey to the truth can be both painful and embarrassing. Yet, the truth is all we have and without it we have nothing.

There was no collusion but there was spying

All the more reason, so it seems, the liberal media and Democrats would want to know the truth coming off a major failure with their Russia Collusion narrative (which we learned didn’t happen). However, instead of searching for the truth, they are balking over the realization of the truth. That truth being President Trump was spied on.

In 2017, President Trump announced to the world that his campaign had been wiretapped. He made the announcement shortly after he was elected president. He then moved his campaign headquarters from Trump Towers to his summer home in Bedminster, NJ.

In 2017, President-elect Donald Trump talked to Tucker Carlson of Fox News about Trump Towers being wiretapped.

The left can’t handle the truth

The liberal media debunked the president’s claim of being wiretapped, surveilled or spied on. Without any evidence to prove him wrong, they immediately attacked him and said he was lying.

CNN political news director, David Chalian, said President Trump should retract and apologize to former President Obama regarding his claim of being spied on without proof. Interesting, neither CNN or the fake news media had proof of Russia Collusion yet they still ran with it.

Barr shocked the world when he said the word “spying”

When Attorney General Bill Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in early May, he said that he believed the President was spied on. This admission sent the liberal media into a tailspin. They turned their venom on him. They accused Barr of protecting Trump by creating a narrative about spying that did not exist.

CNN and MSNBC have a difficulty understanding the word spy.

Where was the evidence of collusion

The liberal media said neither Barr or Trump had evidence of spying; as such the word should not be used. It should be noted, they thought nothing of having zero evidence when they accused the president of colluding with Russia. That turned out to be a lie by the media and Democrats.

The fake news media attempts to spin the spying story to their advantage.

The MSM and its sources

The liberal media told us not to trust what we were hearing. There was no spying according to them and their anonymous sources and expert witnesses.

Spinning the spy story like a record the liberal media make light of spy gate.

The left suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome

The biased media even accused the attorney general of giving credence to a conspiracy theory. This was done to damage Barr’s credibility of having a stellar reputation as a tough law enforcement agent.

Hoping the more they say spying didn’t happen makes it true.

Former top government law enforcement agents were even used by the media to bolster the narrative of no spying.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan and Former FBI Director James Comey all deny that President Trump was spied on.

In an attempt to stay out of the media hairs, FBI Director Christopher Wray danced around the usage of the word spy verses surveillance.

FBI Director Christopher Wray attempts to redefine the word spy. He also admits that he doesn’t have information personally of spying.

Former FBI Director and leaker James Comey tried to make the case against the usage of the word spy. He even questioned Barr’s use of the word.

Former FBI Director James Comey claims not only wasn’t the Trump campaigned spied on but there was no surveillance.

Before things were hot and heavy on Comey’s tail, he admitted to spies being used. Perhaps a Freudian slip?

Former FBI Director James Comey admits FISA warrants were obtained to spy on the Trump Campaign.

Spying did take place

When the question was put to him directly, Barr said he believed Trump was spied on.

Attorney General Barr answers to the question on spying. Yes, it happened.

Text book definition of the word spy

Some say surveilled others say spy, but to the attorney general, it’s all the same. Trump was spied on.

AG Barr defines spying.

The truth is a tough pill to swallow

In the end, Clapper had to concede that Trump was spied on. This admission from a man who had questioned Barr’s use of the word spy and that it had happened.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says surveillance and spying are the same and that Trump was spied on.

It should never happen again

President Trump is determined to get to the truth over spy gate. As he said previously, this should never happen again.

President Trump tells Fox News journalist Catherine Herridge that we will find out soon who spied on whom.

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