Antifa Gets Beat Up and Thrown in Ditch After Showing Up To Pro Police Rally [Video]

20200809 145736 PLEASE WATCH AND SPREAD !!!! I was at the Pro Police FCPD rally today. Counter protestors were violently beaten and had no signs of aggression or hostility. Pro Police protestors forced them to the end of the block and then savagely assaulted them. Afterwards the COUNTER PROTESTORS WERE DETAINED. The officers did not tell them why they were being detained. The pro police protestors who literally assaulted these people for no fucking reason other than being PSYCHOPATHS got away with it. I am so sick and tired of this.
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A pro-police group beat a group of Antifa counter-protesters

TMZ reported

The group — Back the Blue — was holding a rally in Fort Collins, Colorado Saturday when some Black Lives Matter protesters showed up.

It appears the Back the Blue crowd went after the BLM protesters, and you hear someone shout, “Everybody keep their hands off their weapons. Keep punching each other in the face. Don’t shoot anybody.”

Someone from the BLM group said, even though they were not the aggressors, they were detained by cops but were never told why.

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