Are Democrats Getting Ready To Secede From The Union Again?

124928789 1042546659543829 349616927816886045 n Earlier this year in August, The New York Times wrote a piece about “bipartisan war games”, both with Democrats and RINO operatives taking place in the war games.

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Earlier this year in August, The New York Times wrote a piece about “bipartisan war games”, both with Democrats and RINO operatives taking place in the war games.

One scenario they covered was the formation of a different country by getting the western states of Washington, Oregon, and California to secede from the Union.

“But Mr. Podesta playing Mr. Biden shocked the organizers by saying he felt his party wouldn’t let him concede.

Alleging voter suppression, he persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College.

In that scenario, California, Oregon and Washington then threaten to secede from the United States if Mr. Trump took office as planned. The House named Mr. Biden President, the Senate and White House stuck with Mr. Trump. At that point in the scenario, the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.”

At first glance, this looked like merely a leftist wet dream, and that they wouldn’t actually act on it.

Now, with the formation of the “Office of the President-Elect”, it sounds like they are plotting to secede once again.

They are parading Biden around with his “new office” which doesn’t even exist.

Back in 1860, after the election on November 6, people had concerned about ballot manipulation, voter intimidation, and other anomalies, they were even concerned about ballots for Lincoln disappearing.

The Democrats were bringing boxes of ballots to The White House to be counted, in 1860 they had the Presidency with James Buchanan as the incumbent.

Ted Wilder, author of “Lincoln On The Verge: Thirteen Days To Washington” wrote a October piece in the New York Times comparing today to the 1860 election.

“That all would change if Lincoln were elected, as Southern leaders understood. Accordingly, they devoted their considerable resources to gaming the system, through a campaign of false personal attacks, physical intimidation and ballot manipulation. Political insults were not new, but the fury unleashed against Lincoln raised the invective to a new level, as Southern newspapers (and many Northern ones) attacked the Republican candidate for everything from his tyrannical impulses (an “abolitionist of the reddest dye”) to his weakness (“the plaything of his party”). Republicans were accused of “socialism,” already a loaded term, and it was whispered that they would “redistribute” wealth, property and even wives, since “Free Love” would presumably follow “Free Soil” if they were allowed to take the White House. “

Tensions were as high back in 1860, as they are today Wilder describes as scene that is comparable to today, “as the campaign wore on, the South realized that other means of persuasion were required. In Baltimore and Washington, mobs broke up Republican offices, shot off guns and desecrated images of Lincoln. His name was not even permitted on the ballot in 10 Southern states — a fact that was held against him, as if he were a “sectional” candidate. In border states, as well, voters were intimidated: In the state of his birth, Kentucky, Lincoln received only 1,364 votes. “

One of the Southern newspapers in Charlottesville, VA tried to blame Lincoln voters for “numerical tyranny,”, as if the Northerners were corrupting democracy simply by existing in such large numbers.”

Many were beginning to understand that the South’s ideas about democracy were as peculiar as its institutions.

The Media today is doing a disservice to the country, by parading Biden around and portraying as the legitimate “president-elect” with this new office “Office of the President-Elect”, which is a fictional office unless, they secede from the Union.

Biden has not been certified as the President-elect yet, the electoral isn’t until December 14.

For reference here are the days that the Southern states secede from the Union

South Carolina seceded on December 20, 1860

Mississippi seceded on January 9, 1861

Florida seceded on January 20, 1861

Alabama seceded on January 11, 1861

Georgia seceded on January 19, 1861

Lousiana seceded on January 1861

Texas seceded on February 1, 1861

Virginia seceded on April 17, 1861

Arkansas seceded on May 6, 1861

North Carolina seceded on May 20, 1861

Tennessee seceded on June 6, 861

In conclusion I have full confidence that President Trump will be in office after January 20th.

Here’s one the media really isn’t telling anyone, that they show looking back to to 2000, were there was a contested election as well, back in 2000 the media declared Gore the “President-elect’, but the election was contested because of irregularities in counting the ballots back in 2000.

It was contested that it went through several litigations and lawsuits, ultimately coming to the Supreme Court.

Now let’s look at who was on Bush’s legal team during Bush V Gore, their names are Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavannaugh and Amey Comey Barret?

Do those sound familiar to you? They are now Supreme Court Justices appointed President.

He had the foresight to pick these three particular judges for this time.

Trump is always 10 steps ahead of the establishment and the Deep State, they think they’re winning, yet they aren’t and this will be proven in court, and once Trump is declared the rightful winner.

We all know what’s going to happen the left is going to go ballistic, right now this just calm before the storm.

Right now, there are no riots, because it would bad PR for them at this time when they think they have “won”, but reality will come to come to them.

This a going to be a long process with counting ballots, recounts, audits, and litigation and lawsuits, in 2000 this process took 37 days for the final verdict from the Supreme Court.

And the mainstream media is just choosing to ignore it .

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