Are We Headed for Another Toilet Paper Shortage?

toilet paper by Daveda Gruber:

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by Daveda Gruber:

The great toilet paper panic of 2020 may be doomed to repeat itself.

When the coronavirus was new to many of us, people started to panic and stockpiling on many items but the most noticed was toilet paper.

Having an abundance of white rolls of soft paper became essential to many.

Suzano SA is the biggest producer of wood pulp, which is used in the production of toilet paper, told Bloomberg that the global crunch of shipping containers could clog supply lines.

Suzano Papel e Celulose is a Brazilian company of pulp and paper with presence in over 80 countries. It is the largest pulp and paper company in Ibero America.

Brazil is the top producer of pulp and Suzano accounts for a third of global supplies.

Suzano SA operates as a paper company. The Company produces papers from plump used for manufacturing notebooks, diapers, coffee cups, and other related products, including toilet paper. Suzano serves customers worldwide.

So, the toilet paper is available but demand for the steel-ribbed containers threatens to delay shipments.

Chief Executive Officer Walter Schalka said in an interview that the company’s concern is that a backup in March shipments may overflow to April.

The container crisis has been playing out for months and has largely been sparked by demand in China.

In reality China is buying up containers that are needed to ship toilet paper to stores here in the United States.

If the un-woken population in America doesn’t think China is a problem, maybe a shortage of toilet paper will make them face reality.

After all, the first thing that people ran out to buy at start of the “pandemic” was indeed, toilet paper.

Getting sick from the virus, having a dictatorship/socialism/communism lurking and vaccines possibly becoming mandatory are not the real problems, right? Well, not to those who voted for a Biden/Harris ticket.

Keep yourself supplied at all times because the real danger in America seems to be not having enough toilet paper.

There, I said it.

God bless America!

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