Are you done with Rand Paul? Member of the Dirty Dozen

, Are you done with Rand Paul? Member of the Dirty Dozen, magAMedia, magAMedia
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Rand Paul is someone I always have had a tremendous amount of respect for. His father Ron Paul was a great man and a lot of fun to follow on his three unsuccessful attempts to become President. Rand has never lived up to his father but has done some good things along the way. In January he condemned Mitt Romneys comments towards Trump saying they were bad for the country.

“At what point do the people in Kentucky say to hell with this kind of representation!” Lou Dobbs

Rand has always touted himself as a constitutional conservative and claims to follow it in a bipartisan fashion.

The question is, is this a national emergency? If we all agree that it is, which it is this is completely within this Presidents right to declare it.

President Trump is the first President in a long time who has decided to actually do something about the crisis on the border and who knows how long it will be before we get another. This country can not afford to go another 10 to 15 years with an open border.

His justification that this is so the Democrats will not pull a national emergency for something such as climate change holds no weight! Democrats have proven they vote in a mob regardless the issue.

Years from now after Trumps wall gets completed we will see how crazy of a time we are living in right now. The DC swamp and BARACK Obama had this country running lawlessness and corrupt. Illegals are flooding in and Trump knows we have to stop it.

Americans will die because of silly politics. I for one am ashamed in Rand Paul how about you?

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, Are you done with Rand Paul? Member of the Dirty Dozen, magAMedia, magAMedia

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3 thoughts on “Are you done with Rand Paul? Member of the Dirty Dozen

  1. I have to agree w/ Sen. Paul on this. This emergency declaration will be abused when Democrats regain the presidency (and they will someday). Why give them precedent?

  2. Rand Paul just dumped himself in the trash bin with Mitt Romney, that murkowski witch and Collins, who is THE most sanctimonious congressperson EVER! The Whole Dirty Dozen will be wondering what happened, when they get voted out.

  3. Done with the whole Dirty Dozen! We need new GOP candidates to run against these 12 you will have guaranteed votes from us!

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