Bloviator Christie National Embarrassment

Screenshot 20201124 101608 Gallery Really Chris? Really? You will lose.

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Really Chris? Really? You will lose.

Of all the Republicans who have been exposed as rhinos (Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney to name a few), the former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie takes the cake. Literally. I’m sure he has eaten plenty of cake just follow the crumbs as he walks by.

Where am I going with this? Let’s start here. I am all for criticizing the president when warranted. None of us are perfect, but when you are that close to power, and you are held in high esteem, some thoughts and comments should be left unsaid. Unless… well unless you have gone to the dark side and have ulterior motives.

I think the bloviator Christie has not only gone to the dark side, with ulterior selfish motives. He has always been there waiting for his moment. Swamp creature.

Let’s just look at the obvious. Christie wants to be president. He wanted to be president in 2008, 2012, and 2016. Like President Trump, he realized people were fed up with the progressive liberal nonsense coming from the left. It was only in 2016 when he saw a clear path to make his intentions known. He threw his hat into the 2016 presidential ring and was off to the races. Like the big guy he is, he took a big chance, but it wasn’t to be, for Donald J. Trump entered the arena sucking up all the oxygen and Christie got trumped.

Trump, ultimately defeated the bloviator, Christie, and 15 other career rhino politicians.

90 Really Chris? Really? You will lose.
2016 GOP Presidential Contenders

After getting trumped in the primaries the bloviator seemingly went on to support Trump in the general. He campaigned with Trump during the election appearing by his side at many events and going on talk shows as a Trump talking head. Once Trump got the party’s nomination and eventually winning the election, many started whispering that the bloviator would be picked as Trump’s vice president, but it didn’t happen.

Next, some thought the oversized bloviator, who lobbied ever so diligently on his own behalf, would be picked to serve as attorney general of the United States. That position didn’t pan out, so the bloviator Christie was relegated as being a surrogate, mouthpiece, and advisor to the administration.

In this role, he would go on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC all liberal stations, and take potshots at the administration for advice he had given. Case in point, the referral of FBI Director, Christopher Wray. A role that some say was offered to the bloviator, but he looked down on it. We all know how that has and is working out with Wray. Major disaster.

Remember the bloviator contracting COVID19 aka China Virus? He lamented on TV that people should wear masks contrary to what others were saying (i.e The White House). No one ever told Chris not to wear a mask. Given the fact he has many underlying health conditions (high blood pressure, overweight), one would think he would always put on a mask.

Then the advice he gave the president during the first presidential election debate. He coached the president to be forceful only to say later the president’s performance was “too hot.” Finally, his latest remarks calling the president’s legal team a “national embarrassment” after a press conference they gave challenging the 2020 election is unforgivable.

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President Trump with Bloviator Chris Christie

Ahem…the national embarrassment is bloviator, Chris Christie. He sees an opportunity to pile on the president with negative news and he is taking it. He thinks the president is down and should kick him. That brings me back to the ulterior motive.

Aha! Bloviator Christie wants to run again for president in 2024, what better way to distinguish himself than by going against the most powerful Republican of all time President Trump.

Word of advice to the national embarrassment bloviator Chris Christie you will lose.

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