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by Daveda Gruber:

How do you feel about Attorney L. Lin Wood,  District Attorney Rudy Giuliani and Attorney Sidney Powell? Do you trust them, because I do.

This information that I am about to share may be a little uncomfortable to digest and could be dangerous to share.

This is the home of the brave, right? We have a Constitution that must be adhered to, you agree, don’t you?

After the 2020 election a few very brave people have come out to reveal certain aspects to why they feel that the election was fraudulent or rigged in some way.

Why would people in very high positions in government and judicial positions avoid this information? Those in federal and state offices have been compromised.

The answers have become rather clear and I’m not shocked at what I see but bewildered at the things that good American men and women would do for their own lives.

On the other hand, there are those who stand for integrity.

L Lin Wood, has put himself at great risk to his personal safety, has exposed the tactics used to depict the Deep State actors to extort public officials.

Information that has been held back by authorities is clearly seen here by public claims made on social media.

L Lin Wood has made himself, and now me, for reporting this information at risk.

Extensive election fraud was committed by officials in all walks of life.

The tweets don’t lie and they expose the methods used to blackmail key officials.  Hackers on the Internet have exposed and made available the information that I am going to expose.

The following tweets were in plain view on Twitter:

There are more tweets by L. Lin Wood that are related and can be found on his Twitter account.

Isaac Kappy was one person who knew about the hacked videos and he was murdered in May 20, 2009. He had copies of the videos that revealed the rape and murder of children.

Are Chief Justice John Roberts and many others being blackmailed?

The thing most have in common is that they all allegedly visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.

Epstein used tapes to allegedly extort his “friends”.

The targets of blackmail were allegedly approached by someone with a gun, a child and a camera.

The people targeted were then ordered to rape the child while being videotaped. After this, the people targeted were ordered to shoot the child while the entire episode is captured on video.

The perpetrators are then able to control the targets by exploiting the videos for the purpose of blackmail.

What would they do to prevent the videos from being shown to the public? It’s your guess.

Ten intelligence agencies that that utilize the methods above to control government officials are as divulged by Wood and include the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the CIA, Mossad, the FBI and MI6. 

Details have been given to the Minnesota FBI by Timothy Charles Holmseth.

The child kidnapping case of HaLeigh Cummings was then harassed and threatened by authorities.

Vice President Mike Pence had extensive relationship with China, exporting jobs to China and hosting Chinese companies such as Haier in his home state brings about concern.

It has been alleged that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi may have also been aware of the extensive network of child trafficking operations.

Holmseth’s article detailing his account can be found on this link:

Please take the time to confirm the information I’m sharing because the future of these United States is at risk.

God bless America!

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