California monitoring 8,400 people for Coronavirus; 33 have tested positive

, California monitoring 8,400 people for Coronavirus; 33 have tested positive, magAMedia, magAMedia

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No wonder Nancy Pelosi was so angry with Donald Trump recently at a press conference discussing funding to combat the virus. She was projecting.

With the state of the streets: feces ad garbage everywhere, rampant homelessnes, drug use, and needles galore, right there on the sidewalks, I can see why she’s concerned. The streets are already breeding grounds for such diseases as Typhoid and Bubonic Plague. Yes, THE PLAGUE.

While Nancy Pelosi blames Trump, Governor Gavin Newsom himself stated in his State of the State speech in February 2019: “Our homeless crisis is increasingly becoming a public-health crisis,” citing outbreaks of hepatitis A in San Diego County, syphilis in Sonoma County, and typhus in Los Angeles County. “Typhus,” he said. “A medieval disease. “

Mayor London Breed recently admitted to taking bribes and kickbacks, effectively stealing money that was to be used to fight homelessness.

The spread of the virus in San Francisco and Los Angeles is inevitable. Yes, it probably could have been prevented there, but with the state of the streets, the homeless population, and their sanctuary city policies, it was really just a matter of time.

California is now monitoring more than 8,400 people for the Coronavirus. 33 have tested positive. Of those, five have moved out of state.

There is one case where the infection is unknown, leading local authorities to believe it is now spreading through the community. Before diagnosis, the infected patient was not in quarantine, and out and about in her community.

33 of the patients who tested positive were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

California has 200 test kits available at this time.

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