Conspiracy Corner: I’m Glad Rush Said it First: My thoughts on Coronavirus

Andrew and I just discussed this very thing two days ago: how the Chinese government…


Thanksgiving and Patriotism

Both Presidents Lincoln and Washington knew that giving thanks to our creator was an essential factor in defining our nation. They knew that Thanksgiving was an essential part of who we were. Lincoln asked all of us individually to take a moment and reflect upon this day and give thanks for our individual blessings. He knew the resolve of the American people. Through this reflection, we would share those blessings with others, as well. Not out of obligation, but as thanks.
One of our countries greatest assets is the fact that the United States of America is the bastion of Liberty in the world. Our nation did not fight for a monarchy or a religious leader, nor did we fight for a President, or leader. We fought for individual freedom and Liberty. We fought for the rights of our constitution. We fought for the noblest of causes; we fought for each other and for our families.