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According to the CDC, 2.56 million people have recovered from COVID-19 worldwide to date. Of that number 390 thousand Americans have recovered (and counting).

This is good news considering earlier this year millions were predicted to be dead by now resulting from the Corona Virus. While the numbers of those infected seem to be evening out, those who have gotten the virus and rebounded outnumber the dead.

The Corona Virus, Wuhan Virus, China Virus, or COVID-19 call it what you will the virus origin is from Communist China. It is a virus that has crippled the entire global community, but by grace, we are saved to this day. Not knowing what tomorrow might bring but we are here, so I choose to celebrate life.

While CNN, the New York Times, and others choose to run cover stories of those who died from the virus. I choose to remember and celebrate the living. Not dismissing those who have lost their lives, for every life is precious, but we must celebrate the victory we have over this incendiary virus.

There have been harrowing stories from those who recovering from this virus. Some thought they weren’t going to make, but they did. Others were taken to the very depths of the sickness but fought their way back. We celebrate them, for people need to know you can and will recover from this virus.

, Celebrate Life Not Death, magAMedia, magAMedia

We must value life. Respect life. Love life. All life matters and should be celebrated. We are and will rise victorious, so let us come together and move forward as we claim victory over one of the deadliest unseen enemies that have seized our country.

Choose life!



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