Chief of Police at Mount Holyoke College put on Leave for his Pro-Trump Tweets

, Chief of Police at Mount Holyoke College put on Leave for his Pro-Trump Tweets, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Students at Mount Holyoke College dug up Tweets from Chief of Police,
Daniel Hect which showed he likes Trump, likes the NRA, and supports the border wall.

According to Dean of Students Marcella Runell Hall, the process of creating Thursday night’s forum began when “students came to SGA with questions and concerns.”  SGA referred the gathered information to Hall, who said she “worked across the College to come up with the format of [the forum].” 

The concerns at the heart of the event primarily involved Hect’s social media presence, particularly on Twitter. Following Hect’s appointment to the position, students noticed that many of his liked tweets come from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and President Donald Trump. Some of those tweets also contained messages in support of President Trump’s proposed Mexican border wall, along with other opinions some students considered racist. 

Mount Holyoke held what basically seems like an Inquisition-Style forum for the newly hired chief. (source)

Hect reportedly told students at the forum that he was “going through [his] Twitter feed, and deleting comments and likes” in order to make the community feel more safe.

Hect apologized for his tweets and “any damage they may have caused,” saying “[the tweets referencing the phrase] build a wall, obviously, on my end, [were] a huge mistake.”


Hect was just hired in February. This is not a question of qualifications, or being fit for the job. He was previously employed as police chief at Denison University in Ohio and has a military background. He had years of service and leadership in the U.S. Air Force as well.

This is a matter of indoctrination. This is a matter of Free Speech. This is a matter of Media Bias. The fact that a former military member cannot be allowed to like our President is awful. The fact that he is put on “administrative leave” for this exact reason is very disturbing.

He should not be apologizing for anything. Fact is, he is qualified for the job and should be allowed to perform his duties. This era of “safe space” nonsense is destroying exactly what it is intending to protect: our freedoms.

I hope Hect decides to fight the school on this decision, and I hope he will consider bringing it to court. In light of the President’s newly signed bill designed to protect Free Speech on campus, this would be a great time to put it to the test.

The silencing of Conservatives has gone on too long.


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, Chief of Police at Mount Holyoke College put on Leave for his Pro-Trump Tweets, magAMedia, magAMedia

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