Colin Kaepernick Is A Rich Victim Laughing All The Way To The Bank

colin kaepernick is a rich victim and martyr laughing all the way to the bank It's Super Bowl weekend and some people are upset that Colin Kaepernick isn't playing on a football team.  It doesn’t matter if the team he played on would have made it to the Super Bowl. They just wanted him on a team. 

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It’s Super Bowl weekend and some people are upset that Colin Kaepernick isn’t playing on a football team.  It doesn’t matter if the team he played on would have made it to the Super Bowl. They just wanted him on a team. 

Well, I’m upset too, but not because he isn’t playing. Instead, I’m upset that he is being treated like a victim and martyr, which he isn’t.  This bestowed upon victimization and martyrdom, as a result of his alleged sacrifice of not playing, has somehow elevated him to the levels of our great Civil Rights leaders. 

Not so fast! What has he sacrificed?

I am appalled that some blacks would so easily raise this rich spoiled brat to the levels of the great men and women of the Civil Rights Movement like Martin Luther King, Fanny Lou Hammer, Rosa Parks, Daisy Bates, Jackie Robinson, Medgar Evers, The Little Rock Nine and so many others who sacrificed greatly so that individuals (black, white, red, regardless of religion or ethnicity, gender,  etc.) would not be denied their God-given rights and be treated as human beings. 

The only thing Kaepernick has done is kneel on a football field to call attention – so he says –  to the injustices blacks have received by the criminal justice system.  Never mind the fact there is a problem in the black community and the problem is addressing the violence and disrespect for law enforcement by blacks. Can I also add a more serious problem is the lack of respect by blacks for other blacks lives?  But I won’t digress.

To say Kaepernick is a victim or martyr because an NFL team doesn’t want him to play because of his kneeling is foolish and makes light of the efforts by those whose shoulders he stands (kneels on).  His isn’t a sacrifice by any means. 

Let’s be honest with some straight talk.  Former NFL player Tim Tebow knelt on the football field many times and was ridiculed. Tebow was laughed at and called all sorts of names, but he kept on kneeling. Many other players have prayed on the field and looked up to the sky to thank an Almighty God after a touchdown or team victory. Why then would kneeling on the field (and during the National Anthem) keep an NFL team from allowing Kaepernick to play? By the way, after he decided not to play for a team (it’s rumored he didn’t like the offer $$$$ he was being given) some players kept on kneeling. To this date, players (black and white) are still kneeling. Many supporters of the gridiron sport don’t like the kneeling and some networks won’t air it, but it’s still being done.  If I can also add, some NFL team owners have offered to work with football players to address what the players perceive as injustices in the black communities by law enforcement.  The New England Patriots, a team playing in the Super Bowl, has even given millions to inner city causes to fight injustices and create educational programs.  Even the president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, has reached out to players and said let’s have a dialogue to address the concerns they have. Crickets from some black players. Well, the president didn’t wait. He got Criminal Justice Reform passed, which is huge. 

So with all this being done, what is Kaepernick’s beef?  Why isn’t he on a team and why are blacks upset?  Last I heard Kaepernick was making millions from endorsement deals like NIKE. With NIKE, he has his own clothing and shoe line. Cash money not sacrifices. 

Scratching my head.  It’s not a racial issue, as many liberals would have you to believe.  It looks to me like a money issue and NFL teams not wanting Kaepernick’s drama.  

For argument purposes, let’s just say Kaepernick is sacrificing; something to note, the Civil Rights Leaders of the past didn’t get paid for their sacrifices and martyrdom, while Kaepernick is raking in millions and laughing all the way to the bank. Damn Shame!

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