Conspiracy Corner: I’m Glad Rush Said it First: My thoughts on Coronavirus

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Andrew and I just discussed this very thing two days ago: how the Chinese government is using the Coronavirus to destroy the economy; specifically Trump’s economy. Rush Limbaugh came out and said it in a recent radio episode.

I go a bit further. I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese government to literally release this virus, that they made, into their own population to kill their own people. They know full well how much it will spread, and how many more countries it will infect. 5 million people left Wuhan before that city was even on lockdown. They literally declared a silent war on the entire world.

The Chinese government does this for a few reasons: to be able to renege on the trade deals they made with Trump. They don’t like paying their fair share. To tank the economy so Americans will lose faith in Trump, and so Trump will lose support of his base.

The Chinese government has been called out by President Trump as currency manipulators on more than one occasion. How better to do this than crash the market?

They want him out.

Rush did say this was no more than the ‘common cold’ which I do disagree with there. It is a coronavirus that has been manipulated, by the addition of four amino acids, to increase the contageous nature of the virus. A Taiwanese professor has stated this is more than likely a man-made virus, as four variations seen all of a sudden would be exceedingly rare in nature. Also alarming is the fact that once your body fights off the virus, you DO NOT become immune to it, and can get it once more. Even the tests for the virus are innacurate, leading to even more infections.

Oddly enough, Russia may be in on it. Thousands of bots are swarming social media posting disinformation campaigns. The disinformation campaign promotes conspiracy theories that the US is behind the new coronavirus outbreak, apparently to damage the U.S reputation, and of course, Trump. Recently it was discovered Russia is backing Bernie Sanders and trying to help him win the election, more than likely because of his Socialist views. Birds of a feather, right?

The virus, and the cure will suddenly appear, only after a worldwide pandemic and many thousands of deaths. And who has this cure?


They stand to make a lot of money. They stand to oust their political rival. They stand to win big.

Just some thoughts to ponder. You might think I’m crazy, and that’s okay! We do have some presidential candidates out there right now that are more likely more crazy than I am. Vote Trump!

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