Coronavirus Cases top 100,000 Worldwide; Washington State Called “Ground Zero” in US as infections and deaths rise

, Coronavirus Cases top 100,000 Worldwide; Washington State Called “Ground Zero” in US as infections and deaths rise, magAMedia, magAMedia

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  • Death Toll: 3,526
  • Coronavirus Infections: 104,266
  • Total Recovered: 58,559
  • 22 U.S. states, 87 countries worldwide
  • U.S. top ten country with cases of the virus, with 253 cases
  • 17 deaths in the U.S
  • 2200 people in quarantine in New York
  • 12 deaths in Washington, 1 in California, 2 in Florida
  • 79 cases in Washington State
  • Cruise ship with 3,500 people aboard stuck off the coast of San Francisco: 1/2 of those tested have the virus
  • Head of Italy’s Democratic Party tests positive for coronavirus

San Francisco: On the Grand Princess cruise ship, carrying more than 3,500 passengers, docked outside San Francisco, nearly half of the 46 people tested for coronavirus onboard have returned a positive result. 21 positive results were recorded; of those 19 crew members, and two passengers.

The ship will not be permitted to offboard passengers, and is under quarantine until further notice.

Washington State: 12 people have died so far from the virus, and the University of Washington has stated there will be no “in-person” classes until the end of winter. 79 cases across four counties prompted the state to consider purchasing a hotel to use for quarantined patients. Most of the deaths and cases in Washington State have been linked to the Life Care Nursing facility, but a new case in Pierce County has no ties, and may be a case of community transmission.

Florida: Florida reports the first deaths on the East Coast. Two people in their 70s, who had recently traveled overseas, had contracted the virus and have since died. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an order Saturday directing a Level II public health emergency in the state after two people, who were both in their 70s and had traveled overseas died, according to the Florida Department of Health.

China: A hotel housing Coronavirus patients has collapsed, trapping dozens of people.

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