Crazy Cortez Calls for Reparations

I don't owe anybody anything.

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I don’t owe anybody anything.

AOC calls for reparations in her latest diarrhea of the mouth speech given at a conference sponsored by tax-impaired, race-baiting Al Sharpton.

Besides you and me paying for universal health care, everyone’s tuition, lazy people, and to rebuild every building in America, Crazy Cortez now wants us to pay reparations to Black Americans for slavery.

Raise your hand if you were a black slave…. Raise your hand if you’ve ever met a black slave in America…. exactly.

First of all, how much of a percentage is she talking about for the cutoff point.. how black does one have to be to even qualify? Are you going strictly by family trees or genetics?

Are you going to include all blacks, or just those that have ancestors who were slaves? And are we talking cousins of cousins here, or just people directly related? What if I’m a white person with black great grandparents?Who’s going to pay for the DNA tests and family mapping?

Why stop there? How about reparations for Irish, Italians…. oh i get it, she just wants the Black vote.

This is just another money grab, and another way to divide the nation. They’re just doing what Democrats do best, and that’s make it seem like you are lesser than, that someone else is more than; to keep you down.

Yet another phony attempt to make it seem like they care, when they really couldn’t care less, while at the same time, picking on the white person in the room.

I’m so sick, sick to death of Socialist and Liberal agenda: constant division and divisiveness.

I don’t owe anybody anything. Grow up Cortez. Grow up Liberals. Get a life, Socialists. Time to grow a pair, leave your mom’s basement, and stop playing the part they want you to play: victim.


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