Dancing With the Stars: Surprise Favorite, Sean Spicer

, Dancing With the Stars: Surprise Favorite, Sean Spicer, magAMedia

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Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary and White House Communications Director, is making waves with his new gig: Dancing with the Stars. Donald Trump Tweeted his support for the dancer, and Scott Baio and his family are there to cheer him on quite often.

Some favorite performances:

Most recently, Sean rocked a Toy Story theme, which was not only well done, but also emotional, as he dedicated it to his late father. Tearing up, we cheered him on!

One of the judges mentioned he looked like he was “living his best life right now,” and we tend to agree. His smile is contagious and he looks like he’s having a fantastic time. For someone his age that has never really danced before, he’s making leaps and strides in terms of improvement and self-confidence.

We hope the voters keep him on for quite some time!

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