Déjà Vu? 2016 Politico Article: “Battleground bloodbath: Clinton leads Trump in 7 swing states”

Screenshot 20200713 111732 Gallery Politico reported:
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We have all seen main stream media pushing polls that give Biden a huge lead. The polls are currently suggesting that Biden will win Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and some even are suggesting he will take red states like Texas and Arizona.

However this is the same script as we have seen before just a new year. In June 2016 Politico published an article titled “Battleground bloodbath: Clinton leads Trump in 7 swing states”

Politico reported:

Hillary Clinton is polling higher than Donald Trump in seven swing states, holding leads ranging from 4 to 17 percentage points, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Of the seven states polled by Ballotpedia, Clinton’s lead was smallest in Iowa, where registered voters who responded to the poll preferred her by 4 points. The former secretary of state’s largest lead came in Michigan, a traditionally Democratic-leaning state where Trump has said he could compete in November. Clinton leads the Manhattan billionaire there by 17 points, 50 percent to 33 percent.

Clinton also holds double-digit leads over Trump in Florida (14 points), Pennsylvania (14 points) and North Carolina (10 points). Respondents preferred her to Trump by 9 points in Ohio and 7 points in Virginia.

This was late June so just a few weeks earlier than the point we are at now. They had Clinton winning Michigan by 17 points, North Carolina by 10 points, Florida by 14 points, and Pennsylvania by 14 points.

Trump ended up winning them all.

We are seeing the Democrats in the media use the same strategy so far this year. They seem to think if they convince the American people that Trump has no chance of winning his voters will not show up at the polls in November. The ones that actually count.

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