DeJa Vu or Politics At Play?

Deja vu ~robjh1
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Sometimes you have to play the tape side by side to get the real meaning.

Listen carefully to what each man is saying. AG Bill Barr had previously spoken with Special Counsel Bob Mueller on why he didn’t bring charges agaisnt the president. Mueller had said his decision was not based on the Office Of Legal Counsel’s guideline that a sitting president couldn’t be indicted. Yet, during Mueller’s statement at the Department of Justice he said just the opposite. To be clear, the role of a prosecutor is to indict and prosecute not store up information for future use. That’s not how our justice system works.

James Comey’s grandstanding moment gave way to Bob Mueller’s grandstanding.

In 2016, then FBI Director James Comey took it upon himself not to indict Hillary Clinton after admitting she broke the law. Two years later Special Counsel Bob Mueller almost repeats his friends actions in a statement on Russia Collusion. This is what happens when top law enforcement officers play politics.


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