Did He Lie Or Are They Making Him A Lie?

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Illegal aliens could be receiving healthcare. Who pays: the taxpayers.

liar 500 Illegal aliens could be receiving healthcare. Who pays: the taxpayers.
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Oops…it seems as though members of former President Barack Obama’s own party will turn his words on healthcare into a lie.

During his time in office Obama had said healthcare would not be for illegal aliens. However, former President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, both running for president, have a different opinion. They both seem to be ok with illegal aliens receiving healthcare.

Former VP Joe Biden is ok providing healthcare to illegal aliens.
Senator Kamala Harris is ok with healthcare for illegal aliens.

A brief look back in time

Who can forget Congressman Joe Wilson interrupting Obama’s State of the Union Address in 2009? The former president was speaking about healthcare. He had said his health care proposal would not provide coverage for illegal aliens. At which point the congressman famously yelled: “You Lie.”

President Obama Addresses a joint sessions of Congress in 2009.

Wilson’s actions led to him being rebuked

According to an article written in the Guardian, Wilson was responding to the uncertainty of the healthcare legislation. At the time the legislation didn’t specifically bar illegal aliens from receiving care.

Needless to say, Wilson’s words caused much turmoil on the Hill and the public. Many on the left (especially the liberal media) called for his resignation. In a 240-179 vote, the House passed a resolution of disapproval and he was rebuked on the House Floor.

What about Americans’ first?

Now almost a decade later, for political capital, members of Obama’s party are making an about-face. Biden and Harris aren’t the only candidates pushing this notion of healthcare for illegals. What’s odd about this is these candidates seem to be more concerned about the care of illegals then they are about taxpaying American citizens.

In the end, it seems Congressman Wilson just might be right. Illegals could be entitled to full government healthcare.


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