DISGUSTING! Black Lives Matter Mob Beat Down Elderly Christian Man and 3 Others after St. Louis Statue After Prayer Service [VIDEO]

Screenshot 20200629 124839 Gallery watch the horrific video below 👇
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Last week conservite site the Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally on Saturday at the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in Forest Park in St. Louis. From all indications it was a big hit as several local priests and Christian’s showed up at the statues to pray. They were harassed during the ceremony and following the prayer rally at least three Christians were beaten after most of the people left. One elderly man was ganged up on and beaten in the face.

watch the horrific video below 👇

Leftist and Black Lives Matter supporters celebrated the beating on the elderly Catholic man.

20200629 124439 watch the horrific video below 👇

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