Does Voting Even Matter Anymore?

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I hear a lot of talk about the “popular vote,” and how Dems want to change the way the Electoral College works. BIG mistake, you then have a handful of states deciding on what the rest of the country is doing. It just wouldn’t work… But how popular is the popular vote? How much does it really mean when the politicians involved don’t want to play by the rules and follow our own laws?

That being said, I turn now to the UK. The people voted en mass to leave the European Union, in a resolution now known as Brexit. Since then, they’ve been having a really hard time doing so.

What’s the hold up? What’s with all the deals being made and then summarily rejected? The people WANT OUT, there’s no discussion needed, just do it.

I think the UK is experiencing a phenomenon much like we were heading for here in the US…the politicians and people in power think they know better than you and me. They think their opinions are what counts, and they will stop at absolutely nothing to get their way, despite what the people want. More than 17.4 million people in the UK voted to leave the EU, a majority, and they’re still bickering about it. In fact, they want to have the people vote again to see if they’ve changed their minds….

It’s disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. These high and mighty, better than thou types need to be pulled off their podiums, and start speaking for the people rather than themselves.

The EU is failing…one of the key reasons Brexit was passed by the people was due to the free travel between regions, meaning anyone in one part of the region could go to another…bad news for security. Just bad. The EU is recognizing this fact, a bit late I might add, but it is requiring US citizens to make arrangements for travel between countries such as Poland and Italy. Pre-screening they call it…I am unsure if they are requiring this of everyone else as well, however…

Another failure is just plain economical. The UK will be charged more than 39 billion in alimony, for divorcing the EU…odd. But once they do, they’ll be able to strike up their own trade deals, and handle their own business once more. Seems like EU is about control, and A LOT of it. Many countries are finding themselves wanting a divorce.

So I’m still wondering…why vote if no one is going to listen? Why vote if you’re going to be fought on it every single day? Told your wrong or stupid by the lying media, by politicians, by friends and family even….Why vote if people in power go behind your back and try to do what THEY want instead?

Two words:

Trump 2020


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, Does Voting Even Matter Anymore?, magAMedia, magAMedia

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