Even the Bots come out to wish Michelle Obama Happy Birthday

, Even the Bots come out to wish Michelle Obama Happy Birthday, magAMedia

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Seems like Barack may have got Michelle more than he bargained for on her birthday. A recent tweet by the former president has garnered more than 2.5 million likes and thousands of retweets in a short time.

While it is true Obama’s account as well as Trump’s account are both populated with bots, as most large accounts are. Obama rates 85% real, Trump’s comes in at 79% real, according to TwitterAudit.com, a popular online bot-checking program.

Most noticeably are the amounts of retweets and likes the former president receives on a normal basis versus @RealDonaldTrump and other high profile conservative accounts. We know there is suppression. We know shadowbanning, deboosting, un-retweeting, un-liking, and every other form of censorship exists on Twitter. This is nothing new.

Is Twitter helping certain accounts while hurting others?

You be the judge.

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