Exclusive: Assembly member Jacqui Irwin, and Sheriff Bill Ayub to Pull Out of Event Honoring Fallen Officer Ron Helus — Cite Concerns Over Republican Speakers And Singer.

fsfsdfsdfsdfsfsdfsdf  Thousand Oaks, CA, September 26, 2019. Assembly member Jacqui Irwin, and Sheriff Bill Ayub to Pull Out of Event Honoring Fallen Officer Ron Helus -- Cite Concerns Over Republican Speakers And Singer.

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Thousand Oaks, CA, September 26, 2019. Assembly member Jacqui Irwin, and Sheriff Bill Ayub to Pull Out of Event Honoring Fallen Officer Ron Helus — Cite Concerns Over Republican Speakers And Singer.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. State Assembly member Jacqui Irwin, and Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub, both booked as speakers at the first annual Sgt. Ron Helus Blue Bowl to be held at 8:00 AM on October 6th, have dropped out of the event over concerns about Republican speakers.

The event is billed as a bipartisan memorial and flag football game to honor Sergeant Ron Helus, who was killed in action during a Shooting in November of last year.

Speakers at the event will include Wayne Billowit, Safety Public Safety Liaison Office of Governor Gavin Newsom, Leigh Steinberg, NFL Agent, current Congressional Candidate for Ventura County’s 26th District Ronda Kennedy and local actor Scott Baio, both Republicans, and a national anthem sung by music artist Joy Villa, a known Trump supporter.

Democrat Ventura County Congresswoman Julia Brownley, who previously considered speaking at the event, declined to attend citing a “scheduling conflict.” “I am extremely saddened by this toxic display of divisiveness.” Kennedy said, “What drew me to this event in the first place was the unity and the willingness of both sides of the aisle to come together to support a local hero.”

Kennedy was the 2018 Republican nominee for California State Assembly in the 44th District– challenging Jacqui Irwin. “Believe it or not, I was actually excited to be speaking at the same event as Jacqui because I thought it showed that honoring and respecting Sgt. Helus goes far beyond any political differences,” said Kennedy, “apparently this isn’t the case.”

According to the event producer, Michael Randall, Ayub and Irwin were encouraged to pull out by Thousand Oaks Police Chief Tim Hagel, who had called Randall to complain about the event becoming “too political.” Randall was told by Chief Tim Hagel, “These people do not represent our fabric of our community and nothing good will come out of this event by having them there.”

Chief Hagel went on to say that he will tell Sheriff Ayub the same statement, “Nothing good will come out of this event.” Chief Hagel went on say “The only thing you could have made this worse was by inviting Dick Cheney or Sara Huckabee Sanders, this is not Trump Country and that slogan making America great again is not popular within 1200 square miles of this event!”

He went on to say “That Gal is not our fabric of our community.” “This event has always been and always will be a show of unity and community support. It is only when you pull out because of political differences do you make it political,” Randall said. The producer also stated that an email from Jacqui Irwin came in shortly after his conversation with Chief Hagel.

While Irwin did not call out her opponent’s attendance at the Sunday morning event as a reason for her inability to attend, a member of her staff has stated that due to the political nature they would have to cancel. FALLEN OFFICER EVENT SACKED???

On Monday September 16, Randall received a text from Chief Hagel stating he was in a meeting and told him to contact him due to serious issues with our event. When Randall called Chief Hagel went on to say that he had information from Assembly Member Jaqui Irwin’s office about some of our speakers and singer.

He went on to say “Rumor has it that a controversial Gal is singing the National Anthem there, Why is Joy Villa Controversial?” and went on to say “I don’t know who she is but she is controversial.” “Fill me in why she is controversial?” Randall said “I didn’t know that Joy Villa was controversial.” Randall did say “I think she supports President Trump” and that’s when Chief Hagel said “That’s it… this isn’t Trump Territory out here, Unfortunately if she does that we wont have any elected officials show.”

“It’s either her or no elected officials show! Hagel went on to say “Im looking at her website right now and it starts out with Making America Great and that slogan is not popular for over 1200 square miles around here.” “We would have to put major security teams around here. She is not represented of our ideology of our community” Hagel added. “We don’t want anyone supporting making America great again and just her presence does that.”

Chief Hagel went on to say “let me just cut to the chase…I don’t think anyone will come if she (Joy Villa) Shows and this will be the “Joy Villa Show.” Randall added “So what you are saying if she does sing that no elected officials or Sheriff Ayub will not be there?” Chief Hagel added, “I will be with the Sheriff later today but I don’t want you to use this as a political agenda against us.”

Randall added “You Chief Hagel and Jaqui Irwin have made this political not us.” Randall went on to say “This isn’t political.” Chief Hagel went on to say you have another “gal” speaking who ran a “Bloody” campaign against Jacqui Irwin. He went on to say “there is one that is a nemeses of Jaqui Irwin and he would get that information from Jacqui Irwins office.”

Randall tried to convey that our events have never been political and even told Chief Hagel who was never in the main meeting with the family and assist Chief to go to our website and check it out. “People like Joy Villa is not the fabric of our community” Hagel said. “She is not represented of our community.”Chief Hagel added.

Chief Hagel then asked about actor Scott Baio. Randall went on to say “Actor Scott Baio will be speaking because he supports law enforcement. Hagel said “yes they mentioned him too does he belong to any right wing groups?” Randall said “I don’t know what you mean about Right Wing Groups but I think he is republican.” Hagel said “Yes he wont work either”.

“Hagel kept bringing up President Trump that this isn’t a President Trump event. This is a Fallen Officer event that has no political mentions at all”, Randall added., “ We were told by Chief Hagel that he would be with the Sheriff all day and would get back in touch with us.

The next day September 17, 2019 we received another text from Chief Hagel to contact him. We did and he told us did you cancel everyone out? We told him not yet because we were waiting on what Sheriff Ayub said. Chief Hagel went on say “If they are there….we wont be!” He then wen’t on to say that he would be with the Sheriff again all day and be in touch. Later that night we receive a text saying “Mike- I’ve spoken at length with the Sherif and I think we’re going to respectfully have to pull out of this event.”

Randall and Zore called right away and asked why they were pulling and it was because of the 3 figures noted in this press release. Randall asked Chief Hagel “So no support, No Honor Guard”, Chief Hagel stated “yes we are not supporting anything, we wont be there and either will the family.” When Randall pushed back and said “Your making a big mistake”Chief Hagel Hung up. Randall texted back to the chief to call him back twice and no response.

The story is that a local district 44 assembly member Jaqui Irwin used her office and influence to get with Chief Hagel to disrupt and cancel this event. They made this political…not us! The Fallen Officers since then have flown out to California to prepare for the event. They have left message for Sheriff Ayub and have sent emails to resolve this and Sheriff Ayub did call them back on Saturday September 21, 2019 and told them he would be in touch.

As of this date of this press release they have not heard anything and have lost sponsors for this amazing event for a Fallen Officer. Randall noted, “We will not back down and we will have this event and it will be now called the “Blue Bowl” and the proceeds will go to area Law Enforcement agencies that support Fallen Officers families in the area.

For more information to register a team, sponsor or get involved go to http://www.bluebowl.org.