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The liberal MSM and Democrats continue to lie to the American public about Russia Collusion. They refuse to accept the special counsel’s findings that there is no collusion.

fake news The liberal MSM and Democrats continue to lie to the American public about Russia Collusion. They refuse to accept the special counsel's findings that there is no collusion.
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And so it ends as it begins: in controversy. The liberal mainstream media and Democrats continue to lie to the American people about Russia Collusion. They absolutely refuse to accept there was “NO RUSSIA COLLUSION” with the Trump Campaign.

On Friday, the long awaited Russia Collusion report was released by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The report was given to the US Attorney General Bill Barr for summation.

The report, in short, exonerated the president of colluding with the Russians to affect the 2016 election. It also cleared his campaign and family members of knowingly or unknowingly coordinating with Russia to undermine the election.

“There is No There-There”

With all the facts in and proof that there was no collusion, the left is not having any of it. Democrats and the liberal MSM want to see all of the underlying documents of Mueller’s Russia Collusion report. They want to know why Mueller decided not to indict President Trump and why the attorney general and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein came to the conclusion that the president did not obstruct justice.

President Trump calls out the Democrats’ obstructionism.

Don’t be fooled by the ask of the report. Neither are looking for answers. Initially, the left had said, they would (and all others should) accept Mueller’s findings in his report. It’s not about Mueller’s complete report or Barr’s summation. Instead, they are hoping to get push back from the White House on the release. This would allow the liberal MSM to keep spinning its fake Russia narrative of collusion and that there is something in the report Trump doesn’t want out. Democrats would use the push back to increase fundraising efforts.

Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency says we should accept the special prosecutors findings.

The reality of it all Trump and the American people won. There was no collusion, and all should be glad. Despite all the lies from the liberal MSM and some Congressmen that they had concrete proof of collusion, there was none. If they have proof, let them produce for voters to see, but there is none.

How Did We Get Here?

That being said, an investigation should be done on what precipitated this entire Russia investigation. How did we get here, now knowing there was never a scintilla of evidence of collusion. If the investigation leads to the former president Barack Obama, then so be it.

President Trump calls out presidential harassment.

Looking back it is safe to say the entire Russia investigation was a colossal waste of time pushed by the Democrats and aided by liberal MSM. They did their best to destroy this duly elected president by the people for their own selfish gains. Instead of putting country first, they put their own personal dislike for this president first. As a result the country was forcibly captivate for two long years listening to their fake news.

President Trump calls out fake news.

If nothing else, these two lost years, that we can never get back, is proof of what many of us on the right have always known about the liberal media and Democrats. President Trump said it best. The liberal MSM is undoubtedly fake news and Democrats are obstructionist.


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