Forgive Me For Not Being So Forgiving

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Excuse me if I don’t forgive and forget. The lie was too deep and unrepentant.

unforgivable sin Excuse me if I don't forgive and forget. The lie was too deep and unrepentant.
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I’m not feeling so generous with my ability to forgive and forget right now. Normally and usually, I would forgive and forget. I’m not feeling that way now, and I don’t think I should.

They never apologized

Like some, I don’t think I can just turn a blind eye to the lies the liberal media and Democrats told us about our president. For two years they told us President Trump colluded with Russia. They said he was a traitor and his actions were treasonous. When this was all disproven, they never offered an apology.

Rep. Maxine Waters claims the president colluded with Russia.

Not a shred of evidence showing guilt

In America, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, our president, who is the chief law enforcement officer was robbed of this right. The media and Democratic party pronounced him guilty without one shred of evidence. Before Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation was complete, they had started making the case of the president’s guilt. In essence, they had already decided the outcome of the investigation. Guilty. They did their best biased reporting and spinning to make certain viewers felt the same way.

Without knowing the facts the liberal media made its case of the president’s collusion.

They abused the trust of the public

To be so cavalier and say that the president of the United States of America is a traitor and committed treason takes some guts. Especially when there is no proof. But then too, these false accusations were being made against an America president by a biased media. The media an institution that we are told to trust for its fairness and accuracy. We were duped. They were anything but fair and accurate. They were prejudice, biased and vindictive toward President Trump, his administration and family. Why…because he beat them at their own game and became president.

Even with Mueller’s report submitted a biased media still promoted collusion.

Show the evidence you have

Even top government officials and members of the Democrat Congress were in on the ruse and smeared the president with collusion lies. Elected officials often appeared on cable news networks pontificating there was evidence of Russia collusion. Some of these officials even swore they had seen evidence of collusion in closed Congressional meetings with individuals who knew of collusion. Needless to say, their evidence to this day has never been produced. There is none.

Rep. Jerry Nadler pontificates collusion along with the liberal media.

Put up or shut up

There were daily leaks in the print and online media of collusion. Former government officials, who had served in previous White House administrations, claimed to have first-hand knowledge of collusion. When asked to produce, it never was.

Congressmen: Eric Swalwell, Schiff, (former) O’Rourke and Nancy Pelosi all adamant of Trump collusion without any proof.

There was never any collusion

As Mueller’s investigation drew toward an end, and it became evident there was no collusion, the lie was still pushed by the media and Democrats. The lies became even greater and spectacular of the president guilty of collusion.

Anderson Cooper re-thinks collusion with guest.

Reality is all we have

With the writing virtually seeping through the walls that there was no possibility of collusion, the media still pushed its fake narrative. Reality did nothing to change the talking points of these political media hacks.

Terry Moran of ABC tries to lower expectations of Russia Collusion.

The gig is up

Then finally, just as it had started in a cloud of controversy, the report was released. Facts are stubborn things that can’t be denied. There was no collusion. Not even a morsel of it. That was it. The media’s two-year-long lie was disapproved. There breathless end of the world crisis reporting was a bald-faced lie, and they all knew it. There wasn’t a scintilla of evidence supporting collusion. None whatsoever, yet they all gleefully pushed the fake narrative.

AG Barr discusses the findings of Bob Mueller’s report. No Collusion.

The truth cuts like a knife

Having to admit there was no collusion was a huge disappointment for the biased media and Democrats. One would have thought all would be jubilant over the finding. But when you have lied for nearly two years for ratings and validation how could you?

CNN anchor Pamela Brown and other anchors lament over there being no collusion.

Know when to accept it’s over

After the release of Bob Mueller’s report, the gig should have been up, but it wasn’t. The lying media continued to find ways to tie Trump to Russia.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is baffled over Mueller’s report of no collusion.

A simple apology is all that’s needed

Not one iota of an apology from the liars. I say liars because they lied, and it wasn’t by mistake but by design. The media and Democrats purposefully lied and mislead the American public. They always knew there was no collusion. Congressmen/women knew there was no evidence supporting collusion from the investigations they had done, but they still pushed the narrative.

The hoax should never happen again

All of this was done because Donald J. Trump a non-politician beat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential race. This wasn’t supposed to happen, and he had to be punished.

President Trump declares what he went through must never happen again.

So, forgive me if I’m not feeling so forgiving of the lying media and Democrats. They don’t deserve to be forgiven right now. They should be called out for their lies and abuse of the public trust. Besides, they have probably moved on to their next lie and over the top fake narrative.


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