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balls Call their bluff!

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Call their bluff!

Republicans need to get a pair of balls and call the Democrats’ bluff. Dare them or a Democrat President (if ever elected) to call a national emergency to overthrow our Constitutional Right to bear Arms. Do it!

Sometimes you have to put it all on the line. All of this back and forward with empty threats. Truth be told there are some Republicans fighting against President Trump declaring a national emergency to get a wall to secure our border. It has nothing to do with who controls the purse on the Hill. That argument is smoke screens to the real facts. They simply don’t want a secure border.

Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush, and Obama (and presidents before them) have all declared states of emergency, and in some instances, money was involved. Why now the outrage? Many don’t want the president to win aka America to win. They have a vested interest to keep the border open.

Yes, border security was a campaign promise, amongst other promises made and kept by President Trump. Trump has fulfilled more promises in his first two years in office than any president. Fulfilling the promise to secure the border would be monumental for it would have Trump’s signature of winning on it for America, and it seems Republicans are afraid of winning. What other Republican president has been so bold and called out the left (and a few Republicans) like Trump?

It’s time to get a pair of balls boys!

To address the empty threats and scare tactics of the left, let’s think this through. If President Trump is able to fill the courts with conservative judges who are constitutionalist (and not activists), there is no way they will allow Democrats to declare a state of emergency to end the 2nd Amendment. To be clear, a Democrat President could possibly declare a state of emergency to take away our guns, but the courts (under the control of Trump appointees) would knock it down flat. So let the Democrats give it their best shot. By the way, Republicans can play the same game with abortion.



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