Have you heard of the Conference of Mayors?

us mayors conference So...the Conference of Mayors...have you heard of them?

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So...the Conference of Mayors...have you heard of them?

So…the Conference of Mayors…have you heard of them?

Apparently, just about every city from sea to shining sea that can boast at least 30,000 residents is part of this club. They meet twice a year, and are run by an executive committee, President, TWO vice Presidents, and a CEO.

Notable names on the advisory board? Muriel Bowser, mayor of Washington DC…Bill de Blasio of New York City…Lori Lightfoot, of Chicago…

Powerful names, to be sure. This club is made up of around 1400 leaders across the country, and one could imagine that while the diversity of the citizens under this mayoral plethora is obvious, at the end of the day you would think that they do their best to provide safety and fairness for as many of their constituents as possible…right?

At the last Conference of Mayors, beginning on June 22nd and concluding on July 1st per “virtual conference” this year for the obvious plague related reasons, the heads of this vast reaching group voted for the members at large, and made quite the endorsement for a particular bill being currently, and quietly, championed by Senator Cory Booker and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

“Unanimously” voted. Not only for themselves, but for the mayors of every city across the country. At first thought, business as usual for the DNC, right?

It gets worse. I live in Alaska, a solid Red state (Sen Murkowski non-withstanding) at about all policy levels. Governor, Senate, Congress…yet the mayors of our three biggest cities…Ethan Berkowitz for Anchorage, Jim Matherly for Fairbanks, and Beth Weldon for Juneau…apparently have the Conference of Mayors committee speaking for them, and to the detriment of their own voters.

1594750357941 So...the Conference of Mayors...have you heard of them?

Despite our state being formed nearly a hundred years after the end of the civil war, and our population composed of less than 4 percent African-Americans, we also happen to be on the hook for this bill. “Conservative” estimates and suggestions 350,000 in cash per “qualified” recipient, at the cost of almost 3,000 extra in taxes per White American, per year…while more practical estimations actually end up at 6.2 QUADRILLION, with 151 MILLION in wealth rearranged into each African-American bank account, from the middle class and government coffers…

That’s the one that comes after Trillion, if you were confused.

The entire world’s wealth as of the end of 2019 was estimated at 360 Trillion, if you were wondering.

It’s not the math here that worries me…it’s that every mayor across the country with more that 30,000 citizens under them apparently is spoken for on matters concerning the transfer of wealth from one racial group under their governance to another. Does that seem correct, on any level?

I’m going to be contacting my state’s mayors and inquiring as to why they thought this was something that seemed acceptable, and I suggest you do the same. The link below will tell you exactly which city officials in your state either signed off on this, or neglected to mention the fact over the last few weeks. A plan that could cost hundreds of time more than our national GDP, based on racial sins seems like something we should ALL be aware of…but maybe that was the point? Make them take a public position, this IS an election year after all.

This battle goes on at ALL government levels! Get angry, get active, and stay frosty!

Follow Paris Pfouts on Twitter and Parler, @HHypocrisy101, and join Trump’s Brigade! We need all hands on deck!

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