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20201011 125231 Daniel Cameron is the most disliked, if not hated, man right now in many circles of the black community in Kentucky. To them, he is a pariah and sellout.

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Daniel Cameron is the most disliked, if not hated, man right now in many circles of the black community in Kentucky. To them, he is a pariah and sellout.

Nevermind the fact he is the first black attorney general in the state of Kentucky, which is 91.3 percent white (blacks only make up seven percent of the population). You would think blacks would be proud that their top cop is black (the same way blacks were proud to have Barack Obama as the first black president), but they are not. They dislike Cameron, and some say he is “skin folk but not kin.”

Radical Black liberal Commentators of the liberal media

How could it be that the first black-top cop of a predominantly white state is so disliked in his black community? He is disliked not only in the black community in Kentucky but around the United States. What did he do to garner so much dislike? The answer is political _ for doing his job.

You see the 34-year-old, Cameron is a Republican and not a Democrat, and that makes a big difference when a majority of blacks identify as being Democrat. But there is more to his story. As the top cop in Kentucky, he had to investigate and present to a grand jury his findings of the Breonna Taylor killing.

Taylor, 26, was killed on the night of March 13, when three police came to her door with a narcotics warrant. According to the investigation, police officers went to her home, identified themselves, and then proceeded to enter the premises. Taylor’s boyfriend, by his admission, opened fire on them. The officers returned fire, and Taylor was shot and killed. After presenting the case to a grand jury, they chose to indict only one of the three officers.

The indictment did not sit well with blacks and other activists. They wanted more. They wanted all three cops indicted even when the evidence presented didn’t support such an outcome. Because Cameron was the top cop and black (the latter carrying more weight) blacks expected him to get the grand jury to indict the three officers, but he didn’t. He followed the law and allowed the grand jury to decide. Hence the dislike and comments of him being “skin folk but not kin” suddenly became part of an ugly narrative orchestrated by angry blacks. Some even said he was an Uncle Tom (doing the bidding for the white police officers). Both references are just as derogatory as the N-word. Some black news commentators and pundits openly made references that Cameron was “black in skin but not kin” on TV and social media.

During a recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, musical guest, Megan Thee Stallion, described Cameron as being like the “Negroes” who gave away black ancestors in slavery. Blacks and the media celebrated her bold and outlandish pronouncement.

Megan The Stallion

It’s ok to criticize and challenge Cameron’s political stance. However, questioning the color of his skin (or any other black conservative) is not only “stupidly ridiculous” it’s just wrong and does nothing to protect their claim of black lives matter.

Of all people, black people should know the history behind such negative assertions. Yet, it is that history in which the critique was made against Cameron. Do they realize their critique is akin to the action of every hate group they so detest? No, they couldn’t realize this, after all, Black Lives Matter, and Cameron is a successful black life.

AG Daniel Cameron

AG Daniel Cameron is a free black man and he “ain’t” backing down. He is black. A real black man. He is black folk, skin folk and kin folk.

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