He Must Be Impeached To Save Obama?

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President Donald J. Trump must be impeached in order to save Barack Obama’s legacy and the hate from the left.

Trump 30 at 3.25.55 PM President Donald J. Trump must be impeached in order to save Barack Obama's legacy and the hate from the left.

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President Donald J. Trump must be impeached. Why? Because he was elected by the people to be president.

Trump who is not a politician.
Trump who was a reality star.
Trump who is not refined.
Trump who is not part of the establishment.
Trump who has gotten rid of burdensome regulations.
Trump who has created a 2nd chance program for prison reform.
Trump who dares to make China and Mexico play fair with trade.
Trump who has brought unemployment down to its lowest in 50 years.
Trump who is presiding over a booming economy.
Trump who dares to keep winning.
Trump who will not stop winning.
Trump who is making America Great Again!
Trump who keeps making America Great!
Trump who is looking at a 2nd term and has proven all his critics wrong wasn’t supposed to last this long in office.

Yet, despite the many unscrupulous concerted efforts by Democrats, Never Trumpers and liberal media to get rid of him, he won’t go. Instead, he keeps racking up winnings. “They” can’t take him winning for America anymore. He must be impeached so that they can win.

The first attempt to get rid of President Trump (a coup d’etat) involved the great Russia hoax with Bob Mueller, which fell flat. Out of that was born the over-hyped obstruction of justice claim. That too fell flat. Then came the latest ridiculously made-up accusation of “Quid pro quo” with the Ukranian president. This too will, and rightfully so, fall flat, but not before the evil cabal and enemy of the state manages to push the claim to the impeachment of the president.

Now, mind you there is no there there. No impeachable offense present. Every congressman on the Hill knows this as does the liberal media, but they don’t care. They want him out. Trump must be impeached. His presidency is an affront to their elitist existence. As such, he must be impeached.

Trump can no longer continue to serve the people as president. His constant winning gives his critics angina. Every time he snatches victory from their stupid mouths of defeat they swallow bile. All of his winnings causes them to descend into complete ignorance and stupidity, which is referred to by some as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The reality of it all is Trump’s successful presidency will also regulate Obama’s time as president as a mere footnote in history. Trump must be impeached to save Obama’s legacy.

Trump has done more for blacks economically than Obama.
Trump has created an economy that other countries want.
Trump has stomped a foot hole in ISIS created by Obama
Trump’s three-year winnings overshadow Obama’s presidency

Obama can’t be outdone. All of Trump’s accomplishments serve as a reminder that Obama did absolutely nothing to make our country great. Obama proved to be more divisive than anyone could have imagined. A successful Trump presidency would reduce Obama to just being the first black president (though some will say Bill Clinton wears that title).

Finally, Trump must be impeached, not for any high crimes and misdemeanor or treasonous acts. No. None of these things exist. He must be impeached because liberals, Never Trumpers, Democrats and the liberal media don’t like him for making the America they live in with us Great Again and keeping it great.

He must be impeached because of their hate.


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