20201117 194600 Barack Obama is back and with a 700-page self-indulgent tome titled "A Promise Land."

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Barack Obama is back and with a 700-page self-indulgent tome titled “A Promise Land.”

What does the former president possibly have to say? Not much other than the same rambling rhetoric that America is a racist country and “they” didn’t like him because he was black. Not sure who the “they” is.

It’s interesting these claims are coming from the countries first black president who was elected not once but twice to fill the highest office of the land. He was elected by a large portion of white voters (albeit liberals). Yet, he has been making the interview circuit on TV whining about racism. Pandering to blacks and of course white liberals.

In many of his interviews, Obama seems to blame Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska for the racism in society today that gave way to the presidency of Donald Trump. Referring to those supporting Trump as “anti-intellectual.” Such an elitist.

Palin, who was a vice-presidential contender in 2008 on the late John McCain’s ticket that ran against Obama, has pushed back. She said America was “so fed up” with Obama’s brand of politics (identity politics) that Americans elected someone to “get rid of the politics of personal destruction.”

I agree with her wholeheartedly. Before President Trump, racism was thrown around like flies flying around poop and Republicans ducked. Every misfortune in society and anyone not agreeing with the left was a racist. Republicans were afraid to push back, but Trump wasn’t and isn’t. He called them all out including Obama. Trump often says he was elected because of the 44th president’s shortcomings.

In the middle of Obama’s race tour_ I meant book tour, it seems at no time has he stopped to think that maybe it was his policies (or lack thereof) and not his skin color that people rejected and didn’t like. Certainly, the interviewers have not put the question to him.

Excerpt For A Promised Land

Like most Democrats before him and now, in his book, Obama seems to link the wealth gap, social/criminal justice reform, and all other ills in society to racism. What’s interesting is that Obama was in a position to affect change but did absolutely nothing. If anything he sowed seeds of division. He pitted the haves and have nots against the other. While many in the country were happy to have its first black president, Obama saw his time in office marred with racism. Psst…he was elected twice.

Frankly speaking racism exists. It existed before, during, and after Obama was in office. However, at the level, Obama and many of his acolytes claim it to be is not true.

Finally, even though I have not read Obama’s book “A Promise Land,” from the excerpts I’ve seen it is clear that some things never change. Obama is the same Obama who was in office from 2008 to 2016. He is still the self-absorbed elitist he has always been. And if no one else will say it, I will Obama needs to step aside and shut up. At a time when the country is divided and polarized, he is bringing nothing of a conciliatory nature to the table.

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