Horizontal Harris Kicks off Presidential Campaign: calls for Nationally Funded Teacher Pay Increase

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No. Just no.

The base salary for Public School Teacher ranges from $49,545 to $65,516 with the average base salary of $56,753. Also negotiated is a calendar work year that limits teachers to 181 work days. Most Americans work 245 days per year meaning teachers get nearly 13 weeks more vacation time than the typical US worker.

Teachers are NOT underpaid.

They work less than the rest of us, have Premium Plus Congressional Style healthcare, and some of the best benefits in the US. If I made 50K per year while only being required to work 181 days, I’d be stoked. How many days are in a year? Anyone? 365

They literally work half a year and get more than a full years’ salary.

Don’t buy into this nonsense. You’re not getting your money’s worth as a taxpayer anyway…the Liberal Left has taken over in the schools. And by the way, 80% of your property taxes already go to the schools. The government foots about 4% of that bill today. Imagine how much more you’ll be paying if Horizontal Harris has her way.


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No. Just no.

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