Imam of Peace: Ilhan Omar is a Spy for Qatar; Qatar: Omar is on our Payroll

Ilhan Omar The Imam of Peace called out Ilhan Omar this morning for being a spy for Qatar.

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The Imam of Peace called out Ilhan Omar this morning for being a spy for Qatar.

Currently there is a federal lawsuit in Florida against the brother of the Emir of Qatar for trying to kill American citizens. Several subpoenas are floating around. One such subpoena was given to Alan Bender.


The Emir of Qatar’s brother ordered him to kill, says Pasco defense contractor’s lawsuit.

Shortly after he was hired, Pittard said al Thani asked him to murder a man and a woman al Thani “viewed as threats to his social reputation and personal security,” the lawsuit said.

Pittard said he refused, but continued to work for al Thani until July 2018.

That’s when Pittard said he reached his breaking point. He alleged that al Thani held a U.S. citizen against his will on at least two occasions and eventually had that person jailed in Doha. Pittard said he worked with the U.S. embassy to free the U.S. citizen, who was not identified in the lawsuit.

That enraged his employer, Pittard said.

Al Thani told Pittard that he would “pay the price” for defying him and threatened to “kill him, bury his body in the desert and kill Pittard’s family,” according to the lawsuit. The U.S. State Department declined to comment on the alleged incident.

Alan Bender, Canadian businessman and Liberal, is friends with many world leaders, including Justin Trudeau. He mediates between many world leaders in the Middle East. When Saudis have disagreements he is brought in to calm things down and facilitate discussion.

He is a very important component in the deposition. Alan Bender was requested to help manage the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar business in the United States by the Royals of Qatar. They gave him gifts and requested several illegal things from him. He refused.

They told him “Ilhan Omar is on our payroll.” Alan Bender testified under oath that “Ilhan Omar works for Qatar,” along with Linda Saursour and Rashida Tlaib.

It is said witnesses in Congress brought in to speak on the matter are paid to further Qatar’s causes/ speak on behalf of Qatar.

Ilhan Omar requested the character assassination of the Imam of Peace, and tried to frame Donald Trump Jr.

magAMedia wrote about the treasonous Omar back in July:

Alan spoke under oath about CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Ilhan, and others in the deposition.

Alan Bender’s statements will be cooberated by a doctor in the UK later this evening.