In Praise Of Conservative Women: The Real Badasses!

Screenshot 20191114 170134 Gallery Stepping high in Christian Louboutin stilettos or walking low in Tori Burch flats they are everywhere. Walking high with pride and dignity.

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Stepping high in Christian Louboutin stilettos or walking low in Tori Burch flats they are everywhere. Walking high with pride and dignity. tumblr_osms1zgquO1t01u21o1_400.jpg

Wearing designer attire or simply Gap they are a force to be reckoned. They are strong and they are smart. They are outspoken yet genteel. Some are mothers and others are not. They are the first of many but never given the credit. They are the women beside the men and sometimes (in Kellyanne Conway’s case) in front. They are the conservative women holding together many households. 

They are, teachers, doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms, senators, representatives, governors or mayors. We salute them all. 

Often ridiculed and ignored because of who they are. These conservative women are constantly under attack from the left and liberal media. Despite all of their class and grace hardly ever do they get the respect they deserve.  

CNN would rather speculate about Conway’s marriage than give her props for being the first woman to help a candidate win the presidency. maxresdefault.jpg

MSNBC would rather attack Sarah Huckabee Sanders for looking like a soccer mom then give her credit for being a former master communicator of the White House message.Sarah.jpeg

Hardly any mention of Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court Justice. Her rulings helped shape the landscape of our justice system. She is definitely a giant for young girls to look up to, if only the left would let her shine. scotus_oconnor_supreme_court.jpg

Elise Stefanik, who is the youngest female Republican congresswoman after elected, is a rising star in her own right. Elise.jpegThe liberal media, however, is afraid of her and are doing their best to sully her name. 

Condoleezza Rice, the first black female Secretary of State, smart and wise, yet the media completely ignores her credentials. condi.jpeg

And then there is our First Lady Melania Trump. She is smart, beautiful and graceful. She speaks six languages, homeschools her son and is at the front of the Opioid addiction fight and many others. She is the essence of elegance, yet not one major fashion magazine headed by “women” will feature her. Can you imagine the outcry if Michelle Obama was treated this way?  4ed23e95-93e4-442c-9dba-6608fb1967f2-crb061819_trump_53_.jpg

The fact that Michelle, a former First Lady, hasn’t spoken out against the unfairness towards Melania shows how small she is. It is also a direct representation of Michelle’s own personal insecurities. It doesn’t seem she can handle seeing Melania’s face on or in any fashion magazines. Such a pity, for if the tables were turned, I’m sure Melanie would call this out. Hence, we salute Melanie our FLOTUS and style icon in her own right.melania-trump-president-and-mrs-trump-host-annual-white-house-easter-egg-roll.jpg

There are so many other conservative women who get up and do it every day. At times, we may question the judgments of a few of these strong conservative heroines (Susan Collis, Lisa Murkowski). Yet through it all, they are our fellow conservative women as such we salute them.  

Sandra Day O’Connor

Ronna McDaniel

Ivanka Trump

Dr. Alveda King

Debbie Lesko

Pam Bondi

Nikki Haley 

Marsha Blackburn

Martha McSally

Shelley Moore Capito

Cindy Hyde-Smith

Deb Fischer

Joni Ernst

Kay Ivey

Kristi Noem

Kim Reynolds

Sarah Palin

Lisa Murkowski

Susan Collins

And many more…

Hear them. See them. It’s past time we recognize them for the respect they deserve. They are the conservative women of the day and yesterday. The few the proud. We salute them all. After all, they are the real badasses.