Iowa State Dem Caucas: Winner Still Undecided; Biden Calls “Malarkey”

, Iowa State Dem Caucas: Winner Still Undecided; Biden Calls “Malarkey”, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Watching the caucus last night was like watching a house fire. Amazing display of chaos amidst a beautiful setting; Americans showing their support of their favorite candidate for President.

Although the Republican caucus was called in roughly 40 minutes, with Trump the clear winner, with more than 95% support, the Democrat caucus has yet to be decided.

Decided is the key word here. Caucus turnout is not a decision to be made, but rather a very clear indication of the voters’ will. That will is somehow now being decided on by someone else. Decision makers are trying to figure out what went wrong, what went on, and how they can fix it; blaming a coding error for incorrect reporting.

Fix it meaning plainly yes, how they can rig it.

Early results showed Bernie clearly in the lead, with Mayor Pete a close second. Biden was fifth in the caucus tallies. Suddenly, we have both Bernie and Pete declaring victory, and Biden submitting a letter calling “Malarkey.”

Who will actually win the caucus? You decide.

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