Is It Possible That We Could See Two Inaugurations In January?

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On February 18, 1861, the Philadelphia Morning Pennsylvanian published an article in their paper entitled “Two Inaugurations – Two Republics – Two Presidents”.

Here’s the first paragraph from that article:

Two inaugurations are upon the tapis. One occurs to-day at Montgomery, the other on the 4th of March, at Washington. The first is the inauguration of JEFFERSON DAVIS, President elect of the Southern Confederation, the other the inauguration of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the President elect of the United States. The new confederacy commences with six States. In a short time it will have eight, and unless our national difficulties shall be speedily adjusted, it will, before the lapse of many months, comprise fifteen States, two more than the old thirteen.

I believe this election is identical to the 1860 election, as stated in my previous article “Are Democrats Getting Ready To Secede From The Union Again?

I believe there is a very good chance that we could see a repeat of the 1860 elections when our country was split into two nations the United States Of America and the “Confederate States of America”, or in the modern era the “Communist Socialist States Of America”.

Here is what I see coming in January and later in 2021

1. There will be two inaugurations in January, the media’s fake Biden “inauguration”, and Trump’s official inauguration.

2. I see that there could be division in our military when they are split on who their Commander-In-Chief is, there will be two factions in the military a pro-Biden faction, and a pro-Trump faction.

3. I feel like something big is going to happen in January that will be the first ‘shot’ that sparks off the Second Civil War.

I’m just warning, we may see a repeat of 1860, you shouldn’t underestimate our enemies, and I’m not talking about the “useless idiots” that are out there on the streets, I’m talking about the ones behind the scenes in leadership roles.

We’ve already seen not only some military official turn against Trump, even people in his own administration, as well as some in the GOP turning against him.

In 1860, during the transition period between November 6, 1860 and March 4, 1861) from the incumbent Buchann administration to the incoming Lincoln administration, there were six (and soon to be eight) states who had already seceded from the Union even before Lincoln took office in March.

Most Trump supporters are comparing today to 1776 when we fought the British for our independence in the Revolutionary War, but I believe 1860 is a more adequate comparison to the 2020 election.

The division in our country today is identical to the division during and after the election in 1860, and before the election.

Today you can see the rhetoric from the left about Trump is identical to the Confederate/Southern rhetoric about Lincoln.

Take this article I mention above, it describes Lincoln (The President-elect of the United States as “Nissi Prius” lawyer, not a soldier, nor a statesman.. According to The Philadelphia Morning Pennslvanian Lincoln was “without the polished elegance of the well bred man, he has all the rough manners and coarse sayings of the clown.”

Here’s the full quote for context

The President elect of the United States is neither a scholar, a soldier, nor a statesman. He has some experience as a Nisi Prius lawyer and a local politician—more, if we may trust his Republican biographers, as a flat boatman and a rail splitter. Without the polished elegance of the well bred man, he has all the rough manners and coarse sayings of the clown.

Now compare that to how they described the President of the Southern Confederacy Jefferson Davis as a “gentleman”, a “scholar”, a “soldier”

Here’s the full quote for context

The President of the Southern Confederacy is a gentleman, a scholar, a soldier, and a statesman. He has attained eminence in every department of life to which he has turned his attention, and his name is the very synonym of purity and honor. Like the Chevalier BAYARD, he is without fear and without reproach.

In 1860 and 1861, and throughout the war, the Southern Confederate media (and even some northern papers) focused primarily on negative narratives about Lincoln, putting him in a negative light for the public, while at the same time, when it came to Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President, they primarily focused on the positive narratives, putting him in a positive light for the public.

Another comparison to 1860, the media was polarizing and divisive between Northerners/Unionists and Southerners/Confederates, giving way to division in the country during this important and fragile time in the nation which ultimately led to the country splitting into two separate nations and resulting in the commencement of a four-year-long war between Americans.

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