It’s a hoax, folks

, It’s a hoax, folks, magAMedia, magAMedia
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Climate change and the Green New deal are constantly brought up by democratic hopefuls in 2020. They claim if something is not done about climate change in the next 10 years the world may end. They have warned us not to have children because of the uncertain circumstances. They have used children as pawns, suing the federal Government for climate change.

The problem is, it’s a hoax, folks. It is a get rich scam for politicians that liberals have fallen for. Of course scientists say it is a problem. Trillions of dollars moving to their industry is at stake. Of course they want to push this narrative in public.

Dan Pena on climate change hoax

Multi billionaire Dan Pena argues if global warming were real banks wouldn’t invest in places where global warming would happen.

Al gore purchased a beach property for 8.9 million dollars in Montecito in 2013. If he were so worried about climate change why would he do this? Notice how many solar panels he has! That’s right, NONE…

Because he knows it is a scam.

Follow the money $$

The 2018 GAO report found that, while the Office of Management and Budget has reported that the federal government spent more than $154 billion on climate-change-related activities since 1993, much of that number is likely not being used to directly address climate change or its risks. Many of the projects reported as “climate-change-related activities” are only secondarily about climate change.

The only people who will benefit from the Green New Deal and Socialism are liberal politicians. Not the average citizen.

Trump must win big in 2020 and we must reject this hoax before it costs us trillions of tax payer dollars that could be used for our military, national security, and crumbling infrastructure. Not this perceived socialist utopia the Green New Deal would create.


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, It’s a hoax, folks, magAMedia, magAMedia

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