It’s A Wrap! Or Is It?

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Special Counsel Bob Mueller has officially ended his Russia Collusion Investigation. No new indictments were recommended or are forthcoming.

p0747pkl Special Counsel Bob Mueller has officially ended his Russia Collusion Investigation. No new indictments were recommended or are forthcoming.
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The long-awaited Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia Investigation has ended. It all stopped after Mueller delivered the report to Attorney General Bill Barr, on Friday evening. Unfortunately, not everyone is excited about it being over. In fact, some in the liberal mainstream media is going full meltdown mode.

Why? Well, the report failed short of the Trump Russian collusion narrative the MSM has been pushing for the last two years along with Democrats. The report did not give them the ammunition needed for the president to be removed from office.

The report also apparently says neither the president nor the Department of Justice tried to hinder the special counsel’s investigation. And it did not recommend any new indictments.

They Wanted To Impeach

This has the liberal MSM and Democrats in a tailspin. They were ready to impeach the president. The report was supposed to have buffered their actions.

Up to the moment the report was released the left wing media had said Mueller’s findings should be accepted. Even officials from former President Barack Obama’s administration heralded Mueller’s integrity and virtue. They too advised all to accept the findings of the special counsel.

There Is No There-There

However, now that the report has been released and Mueller did not indict the president or his children with any crimes, all of a sudden the report is being questioned. Democrats leaders are asking that the report in its entirety be released.

Some Congressmen are even threatening to subpoena Mueller and Barr to testify before Congress. They apparently want to know what conclusions were drawn in finalizing the report. In other words, they are looking for something, perhaps, that isn’t there.

No Indictment Of Trump Children

On Friday evening, commentators on CNN and MSNBC were visibly upset. They could not fathom the report being released clearing the president of any collusion. These talking heads had thought surely, if not the president, then members of his family (his children) would be indicted.

Meanwhile, the president is in Florida playing golf and relaxing. This too has the left and liberal MSM perplexed, for they have been trolling his Twitter account for his comments about the report (pretty usual coming from a group that says he should stop Tweeting).

Truth be told, what many on the left and liberal MSM was hoping Mueller’s report either give them the ammunition to impeach the president, or the report would be so damaging and embarrassing Trump would agree to leave the office to save face and any futher embarrassment.

Defeat The Democrats At The Polls

That said, do not think this is over. It is way from over. Being the obstructionist that they are, the Democrats, liberal MSM and Never Trumpers are just beginning to spin this story. They will work up through the 2020 election to take Trump out. Remember we still have the New York Southern District Court and Viriginia looking into Trump and his associates.

If this is to end, the Democrats must be defeated at the polls. This means giving the President a Republican Senate and House.


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