It’s Over! No there-there

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The liberal media will never accept the fact they called the election wrong in 2016. All of their lies and collusion with each other fell flat. Move on!

mueller final report download ebook The liberal media will never accept the fact they called the election wrong in 2016. All of their lies and collusion with each other fell flat. Move on!
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After 675 days, 500 witnesses, 2000 subpoenas and at a cost to taxpayers at nearly $25 million, the infamous 448 pages report released in March has done very little to quell the noise coming from the liberal media and Democrats.

The conclusion there was no collusion.

The country has been on pins and needles for nearly two years waiting patiently for Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s verdict on whether or not Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with Russia. His conclusion there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to win the 2016 election. Trump outsmarted the establishment and won the election fair and square. Yet the Democrats and liberal media can not and will not let it go. They are determined to find a there-there when there is no there-there.

Buoyed by the liberal media, Democrats are now in a phase of re-investigating Mueller’s effort. They are using their house committee positions to conduct mindless hearings into an already exhaustive investigation. This regurgitation of information is all political. It is being done to offer red meat to their base and appease the liberal media.

Stop with the doom and gloom.

Democrats and the liberal MSM should be rejoicing that our president did not collude with Russia. The stories coming from the news should be that of positive affirmation that our president did nothing wrong. However, from sun up to sun down the liberal media spins and makes up stories of dire consequences. The airwaves are bombarded daily with their doom and gloom reporting.

The economy is booming and unemployment is down.

One would be hard pressed to know that the economy is strong. Growth during the first quarter was at 3.2 percent. Unemployment is still at record lows (especially for blacks and Hispanics). Inflation is under control and the stock market indexes the Dow and S&P 500 are both toying with record highs. None of this seems to matter. They are still telling the masses that the country is doing badly. That is their intent to make the American people believe there is something nefarious going on with President Trump, despite the fact he has been absolved of any wrongdoings. The media’s thought process seems to be to drive down the president’s approval rating and perhaps all will rise up and demand he is impeached based on nothing.

It’s time to end the obsession.

The Democrats don’t have a message for 2020. At the rate they are going they will surely lose the election, yet again (and rightfully so). The liberal media will continue with this ridiculous obsession right up to the next election and there after. Meanwhile, the country will keep moving full speed ahead with President Trump.

It’s time to vote these obstructionists out of office and turn off the biased liberal media.


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