Joaquin Phoenix Arrested with Martin Sheen at Climate Protest

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Joaquin sported his already-worn tuxedo at the Golden Globes the other day. I only know about that because some designer on Twitter applauded his environmental efforts to “combat waste.” Wow, big efforts there. I don’t know of a single person in my life who owns even one tuxedo, yet alone anyone who has worn one since their high school prom, or wedding.

But I digress..not to chide bad words for Joaquin. He and River Phoenix had been saving the planet when I was a teenager long long ago, so this isn’t really anything new. Getting arrested is quite the turn of events though.

From USA Today:

Jane Fonda returned to Capitol Hill for her climate change protest in Washington, D.C., on Friday, and this time, recent Golden Globe winner Joaquin Phoenix was arrested.

Phoenix and fellow “Grace and Frankie” actor Martin Sheen were both arrested on the steps of Capitol Hill, Ira Arlook of Fire Drill Fridays confirmed to USA TODAY. 

Fresh off his Golden Globe win for his role in “Joker,” the actor was right beside Fonda before being led away by police for her latest Fire Drill Friday, an initiative aimed at politicians addressing climate change in the nation’s capital. 

Maggie Gyllenhaal was also there to support Fonda’s protest.

In a video shared to the Fire Drill Fridays account, Fonda said that although Fire Drill Fridays would eventually continue, this would be their final march in Washington D.C. for a while.

Joaquin joins the ranks of other celebrities who have been arrested by police for climate change courtesy of Jane Fonda.

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